Best Aerobic Warm-up Exercises 2021

Best Aerobic Warm-up Exercises 2021

Aerobic warm-up exercises help you to keep your body in shape and posture to help you do daily tasks easily and well. Also, these aerobic warm-up exercises are useful to warm our bodies well before starting a good workout. The following are examples of aerobic warm-up exercises and the benefits of aerobic warm-up. In short, it gives us direct benefits such as Increased flexibility, Less muscle tension, and pain, Increased blood flow and oxygen, Lower risk of injury, Improved performance, Better range of motion.

 What is an aerobic warm-up?

 What is an aerobic warm-up

Let’s first look at What is an aerobic warm-up ?. We have increased blood flow to your muscles to reduce muscle pain and reduce the risk of injury. That means we need to raise our body temperature. That warming system invigorates our cardiovascular system. This warming prepares our body for aerobic activity.

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Aerobic Warm-Up Exercises Examples

Aerobic Warm-Up Exercises Examples

We hope to bring you a few exercises for example Aerobic Warm-Up Exercises. Five They are short. You can add this to the pre-workout you hope to do before you start your workout series.

  • March In Place
  • Butt kickers
  • Heel Dig
  • Side lunge
  • Jumping jacks
  • Plie squat

Aerobic Warm-Up Exercises Routine

Aerobic Warm-Up Exercises Routine

Here are some of the best aerobic warm-up routines below. We can get some aerobic fitness with this warm-up routine. Some people say that this is also used for warm-up before aerobic exercise but I do not know if they say any research. But here I am bringing you a series of Best Aerobic warm-up routines to get the most out of it, and also bring you step-by-step pictures and videos.

March In Place

March heel digs were chosen for the first Aerobic Warm Up Routine because it helps to keep our whole body warm. It is also widely used in the military.

Walking in place or jogging high is a great way to keep warm. You literally mimic the movements of the run.

  • So you engage in many of the same muscle groups you use when running.
  • For example, lift one knee up, then move one leg.
  • So you do that hip flexion action, warming up in the hip cavity. You also connect your core.
  • If you allow the upper body to move, you will begin to warm the shoulders. so If you can’t make a full impact, it still raises the heart rate.
  • If you can make a little more impact, run fast and up, lift the knees up to the chest, and roll across the legs.
  • You don’t land with your heels on, you can also do it where you rest on the balls of your feet.
  • A great way to prepare for certain accelerations, such as sprinting or jumping. You can also do a butt kick variation, where you heel to the glute, speed up, and make it a little more impactful.
  • Then as you go through that big knee bend there will be a slight warm-up in that knee joint. The various changes of movement in that place, jumping, running, are again a great way to increase that heart rate.
  • Even if you vary the low impact in the walking position, or the high impact variation in the hi jog, or the butt-kicker variation gives your knee a little more range of motion.
  • They will all be great as your body tends to mimic the running mechanical movement that prepares you for exercise or running.

Butt kickers

This makes it one of the best exercises for aerobic warm-up. After all, this helps to keep our legs warm.

I’m going to show you how to do butt kicks now butt-kickers are a great cardio drill that you could add to anyone just to get your

heart rate up and burn some calories but they also make for a really great aerobic warming because when you do butt kickers you warm up those quads you stretch them and you warm up those knees.

so here’s how you’re gonna start

  • I’m turning sideways so you can see you’re basically going to bend that knee up and try to get the heel up towards your butt.
  • and keep switching sides and as you do that you’ll feel it through your quads you’ll feel your knees start to warm up.
  • you can start nice and slow and keep them low impact but as you pick up the pace you’ll start to add impact drive those heels all the way up to your glutes.
  • Then you can even get your arms moving and breathe through your mouth you’ll get your heart rate up you’ll warm up the front of the legs and you’ll feel great aerobic warm-up.

Heel Dig

Heel Dig you can start with a little tiny step if you’re just starting out the more advanced you want it to be the higher you go with your step so it’s just tummy nice and tight and doing these and for this, this is what all that that a lot of people can do so it’s a great place to start if you want to make it a little bit more advanced you can work one side.

  • you can do a heel dig it back do a little lunge do a heel dig take it back a little lunge.
  • if you’re doing the lunge take it back and remember when you learned your weight drops down through that back knee you don’t go forward you simply take your weight down through that back knee going down as far as you can comfortably.
  • heel dig little lunge make sure that however many you do on one side that’s how many you do on the other side.

Side lunge

This exercise works on your lower body and helps strengthen your legs, glutes, and hips. You can easily loosen the first few lungs by going down about halfway and then progressing to the full lungs.

Once you’ve warmed up, you can increase the difficulty by doing a set using snails or countersunk hands.

To the side lungs:

  • Keep your feet wide apart at the hips.
  • Press your right foot as you move your left foot to the left.
  • From here, lower yourself by bending your left leg and keeping your right foot straight.
  • Make a short pause with your fingers above your left knee, but not beyond. Raise your hips and return your left foot to the starting position.
  • Lung to the right. This is 1 rap.
  • Do sets 1 to 3 of 8 to 15 repetitions.

Jumping jacks

This valuable aerobic warm-up exercise while staying healthy. Not only this, with the help of this exercise you can do weight loss and weight loss warm up. The following is about this cardio-warm-up.

staying healthy at home is easy here the right way to do jumping jacks with tips from our physios the jumping jack is a great way to improve mobility through multiple joints it can improve mobility in our shoulders hips and thoracic spine.

it’s also a great way to work out and challenge our cardiovascular system to perform these stand up with your arms by your side and legs together.

  • start by jumping and spreading your legs out to just a little wider than your shoulder width at the same time raise your arms above your head return to the starting position
  • repeat aim to do as many jumping jacks as you can in 45
  • seconds challenge yourself by repeating this with a 15-second rest between sets.
  • if you’re finding this hard just try jogging on the spot keeping your knees high.
  • if you’d like to push yourself try burpees a Burpee is similar to a jumping jack but your starting position is a press-up position instead of standing in one place to get the most out of this
  • exercise raise your arms right above your head keeping your elbows straight.
  • this will help improve posture and mobility through the upper body stay healthy and take care

Plie squat

The plie squats work on your thighs, your inner thighs, your quads, your hamstrings and glutes, the back of your legs. To warm up these muscles well, you can use this plie squats exercise directly for our aerobic warm-up routine.

  • For a plie squat, you are going to rotate your fingers 45 degrees to the side in a squat position.
  • Your feet are slightly wider than shoulder-width.
  • In a plie squat, you sit up straight and make sure your knees are aligned with your ankles.
  • You are going to sit straight in your squat.
  • Then you are going to stand up, carrying the weight of your heel.
  • Again, your feet are 45 degrees to the side.
  • When you lower, your knees will be aligned with those ankles.
  • You push your weight backward and then you stand up straight.
  • For your plie squats, you will work your quad, that is, the front of your thighs, your inner thighs, the back of your legs, and your buttocks, your buttocks.
  • It works the entire thigh area.

How aerobic exercise warm-up and cool down

Aerobic exercise includes warm-ups and cooling, which usually involve slowing down and intensifying your activity.

aerobic exercise Warming up helps prepare your body for aerobic activity. Warming up gradually invigorates your cardiovascular system, raises your body temperature, and increases blood flow to your muscles. Warming up also helps to reduce muscle pain and reduce the risk of injury.

aerobic exercise warm-up and cool down

aerobic exercise Cooling after your workout Exercise allows for a gradual recovery of heart rate, and blood pressure. this Cooling may be very important for competitive endurance athletes, such as runners, marathons, as it helps regulate blood flow. Cooling does not seem to help reduce muscle stiffness and pain after exercise, but more research is needed.

Water aerobic Warm up

Water aerobic Warm up
Water aerobic Warm up

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