Best Biceps And Back Workout

Best Biceps And Back Workout

Here is a quick anatomical lesson for you (Best Biceps And Back Workout). You activate your biceps every time you bend or bend your elbow. Every time you pull a weight towards your body, you activate your biceps but also recruit your ‘back muscles’. There was another explosion in your money.

Most importantly, it is a good habit to connect your biceps and back’ during entire exercise. Try this routine for size, then you can get a certain amount and a new favorite.

renegade rows

‘Renegade Rows’ is a multi-purpose and useful exercise that works on our backs and biceps, as well as strikes your abdomen quite hard. There is nothing wrong with tearing up! Here it is.

Place two dumbells about shoulder width apart on the floor in your gym. Hold the handle well, straighten your body and take a plank (see previous) position. Hold your abdomen tight as you lift the ‘dumbbell’ on your right side straight up.

When you do this well, press your hand to your side and stop the process when the dumbell is near your hip. Then slowly lower it, repeat the exercise on the other side and move to the alternate sides. Also keep in mind the size of the exercise reps.

Place your feet shoulder-width apart for greater stability.

Sea turtles exercise

Well let’s learn. We stay in body weight exercises and do another one for better measurement. This ‘sea turtle exercise’ basically works on the ‘erectile spine’, a muscle bar that runs parallel to our ‘spine’ (read more here) and ends at your back.

Lie on the floor on your stomach and keep your arms straight in front of your head and your arms in front of you. Also, in a steady circular motion, lift your chest as high as possible and bring your arms behind your back.

As we do this, lift our ‘legs’ as high as possible (there are videos above). Move your hands down on both sides, above your chest. Then wait a second, then slowly return to your starting position and repeat.

Chin-ups Exercise Is The Best Biceps And Back Workout

 Outdoor training (outside the gym) includes anything you do from a hanging position in a bar. ‘Chin-ups‘ fall into this category and they work similarly to your ‘back and biceps’.

 Let’s learn how to do it. Hold a ‘pull-up bar’ below shoulder width. While pulling your shoulder blades down and in, tighten your abdomen and pull your pelvis slightly (slightly forward). Keep the tension in your abdomen as you pull yourself up with a smooth and steady motion.

 Also, when you remove your chin bar, stop and slowly lower yourself. Then when your hands are fully extended, stop and do it again. Do not shake, swing or slip like a walrus when exercising (as a warning)! That’s for beginners.

Wide-grip barbell curls

Wide-grip barbell curls
Wide-grip barbell curls

Why the ‘wide-grip curls’? Well, they pay a lot of attention to the interior of your ‘biceps’ because it can be amazing for your definition.

Add some weight to an Olympia bar and place it on a shelf. Then grab it by the hips wider than the shoulder and slowly lift it up. Read more here. Then stand with your feet about the width of your hips and allow the belt to rest against your thighs.

Then bend your elbows and keep your glutes and abdomen tight as you lift the bar up. Squeeze your bicep as close to your chest as you can for about a second. Then slowly lower it and repeat it according to your reps size.

Do not allow your elbows to move forward when you lift the weighted bar. Because this removes the emphasis from your ‘biceps’. Not only that but never use momentum by pushing your hips forward!

Incline dumbbell hammer curls

This is our biceps brachii, the main part of the biceps

The ‘dumbbell hammer’ is not only aimed at the head, but also at the ‘brachioradialis’ running up and down your forehead.

To do this well, grab a pair of ‘dumbbell’ and lie back on an easy tilted bench. Then place your hands directly down on both sides and keep your palms facing our face. Then bend your elbows and keep your upper arms still and close to your sides as you lift the weight.

When they are as high as possible, stop it and squeeze your biceps for a second. Then slowly lower the weight and repeat.

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