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Best pilates exercise In 2021 To Get better posture

Do you want better posture, muscle strength, and balance, and flexibility? This Pilates exercise will help you to give your body an unexpected balance. You can understand the benefits of this in this article. Leaning with best pilates exercises

Pilates isn’t just for fitness fanatics. It’s actually an accessible way to build balance, flexibility, and strength in your core muscles for healthier posture; if you’re thinking Pilates class for newcomers, here’s what you want to know ere you head to the gym.

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Benefits of Pilates exercise?

By working Pilates repeatedly, you can reach a lot of fitness benefits, including:

  • Improved posture & balance
  • Improved core strength & stability
  • Prevention and treatment of back pain
  • Improved flexibility

Introduction about Pilates

Introduction about Pilates
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Strengthening the core is one of the greatest things you canister do for your total fitness. A strong core will benefit keep your body balanced & stable, also maintains good exercise and posture, and keeps your spine stable and safe, and overall, more controlled – including your bones, incline, and lower back muscles. And the efficient method. There are a number of ways to get your core working (see some good ideas here), but adding Pilates to your routine is a good way to connect your core muscles in a new way – because after a while, everyone gets sick of making planks.

Pilates largely high power output avoids high impact and heavy muscular and skeletal loading. Exercise strengthens various aspects of your core. To get real core energy, it works the abdomen [area] deeply and superficially, which means your deep internal transverse muscles from the abdomen to the upper abdomen (think “abs” when you think).

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 No 1: Leg Circle

  • Turn your arms to the sides and lower your arms.
  • Bend your left knee and flatten your left foot. Raise the right leg up that it’s perpendicular to the floor.
  • Circle your right leg to the side, down to the floor, and return to your starting position. Keep your lower back flat and make the circle as large as you can.
  • Turn the circle around.
  • Finish all reps on one leg, again repeat on the other side.

No 2: Abdominal Curl

How to do: Legs bent, feet flat on the floor, hands behind head, elbows wide. In that sequence, tie the chin, chin, and remove the head, neck, and shoulder mats.

Then Slowly reverse motion to reappearance to the beginning. It is one rep—complete two sets of 10 reps.

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No 3: The One Hundred

  • Lie faceup.
  • Raise both legs towards the ceiling and lower them halfway, then they are at an angle.
  • Rotate your head up, extend your arms along your body, and lower your arms.
  • When you inhale five times, pump your arms up and down and exhale for five times.
  • Do, again and again, this breathing arrangement ten times while ending the position.


No 4: Double leg stretch

Thanks to the movement of your arms and legs, this exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles in your groin and rectum.

How to do it:

·         begin this exercise(Double leg stretch) by lying on a mat with the legs on a high place on the table. Pull your shoulders off the floor and deepen your nose towards your spine.

·         During the inhale and exhale, keep your abdomen and legs as far as possible from the center of your body to your arms and legs.

·         When the knee comes up, exhale and rotate your arms to return to your home position.

·         Repeat ten times without releasing your shoulders and head and to the floor.

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No 5: Single Leg Stretch

As the arms and legs move, a single leg extension trains the abdomen to begin to move and the trunk to support and stabilize. There is also a coordinating element to this exercise.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Bend your back knees and start parallel to your shining floor. This is the position of the table board for the legs. Take a moment to breathe deeply into the back and lower abdomen.

Pull your abdomen in as you breathe in, and bring your belly button toward your spine as you rotate your head and shoulders up to the tips of the shoulder blades. Extend the left leg at a 45-degree angle as you bend. The right leg is placed on the table, and the right hand is holding the right ankle, and the left hand is moving to the right knee. You will continue the upper body curve during the exercise. You need to Be sure to keep your shoulders relaxed and your abdomen deeply apart.

Switch legs on a two-part inhale. Bring in the air when the left knee comes in, and bring in more air when you pulse the knee gently. Now the left hand is on the left ankle, and the right hand is on the left knee.

Breathe again and move the legs. Bring the right leg in with two breaths/pulses and extend the left leg. The hand continues to coordinate the leg by moving the outer arm of the bent leg to the ankle and the other hand to the inside of the knee.

Repeat, shifting legs ten times.

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No 6: Bridging

The base bridge strengthens and isolates the gluteus {butt} muscles and ligaments (behind the thighs). When done correctly, these steps can increase core constancy by aiming your abdominal muscles and lower back and hip muscles.

 If you already have an exercise habit, it is easy to add a bridge or combine it with other steps to create your own full-body workout. It is a good warm-up exercise and basic rehabilitation exercise to improve core and spine stabilization.

 How to do:

 Bend the legs, feet flat on the floor, and arms outstretched. Tie the tail and lift one vertebra at a time until the line from shoulder to knee forms a straight line. Stop for a moment above the gluteus squeeze. Reverse the motion to return to the beginning. It’s one rep—complete two sets of 10 reps.

No 7: Straight leg criss-cross

How to do it:

Lie on your back. With a twisted stomach, lift your shoulders and head off the floor and pull the legs up to the ceiling.

When lowering your right leg to the floor, bring the right elbow toward the left leg, then move to the opposite side. Think about cycling, but keep your legs straight all the time.

Repeat for ten sets.

No 8: criss-cross exercise

how to do:

  • Face up and bring both knees towards your chest.
  • Keep your elbows wide and your hands behind your head. Raise your head.
  • When extending your left leg, bring your left shoulder toward your right knee. As you stretch your right leg, bring your right shoulder toward your left knee.
  • Continue the alternating sides.

No 9: Bicycle

How to do :

Widen the back of the head at the elbows and elbows, bend the legs 90 degrees and keep the feet raised to the sky. Then the glow is parallel to the ground. At the same time, straighten the left leg at a 45-degree angle and rotate it to the right. Keep the hips on the floor as you grind. Switch back to the start place. It’s one rep. Complete two sets of 20 reps.

No 10: Side-lying leg lift exercise

how to do:

   Start lying on the right side, shoulder-to-hip, with the right leg bent so that the heel is aligned with the butt and stays on the floor, with the left leg extending straight into the air and parallel to the floor. Raise the left leg a few inches and go back to the beginning. It’s one rep. Complete two sets of 25 reps per side.

No 11: Scissor Kick

How to do :

  • Raise the right leg up so that it’s vertical to the floor. Take the back of your right leg and pull it towards your face and lift your head up. Raise your left foot a few inches.
  • Switch legs, pull your left leg towards you, and lift your right leg above the floor.
  • Continue shifting your legs.

No 12: Double straight leg stretch in ‘diamond.’

How to do it:

  • On the abdomen, pull your head and shoulders off the floor and pull your legs up to the ceiling in the diamond shape.
  • Next Lower the diamond shape to the floor on an inhaler and return to the ceiling on an inhaler.
  • Repeat ten times.

No 13: Teaser

  • Kneel above your waist and lift your feet off the mat.
  • When your arms reach your feet, stretch your legs and lift the shoulders and head off the mat. And Try to build a V shape with your feet and legs.
  • Hold for five breaths and bend at the knees and roll your back.
Teaser pilates

No 14: Side Lying Clam Exercise



how to do :

Start lying on the right side; legs bent 90 degrees, heel in line with the butt, the upper body raised above the right forehead (below the shoulder to the elbow), parallel to the top of the mat, and left hand placed on the hip. Squeeze heel composed and then lift the left knee toward the ceiling without varying the shape of the rest of the body. Be behind the lower knee, never losing the heel connection. It’s one rep—complete two sets of 20 reps per side.

No 15: pendulum pilates

  • Spread your arms out to your sides.
  • Kneel above your waist and lift your feet off the mat.
  • Let both knees drop to the right.
  • Come again to the beginning position, then repeat on the other side.

No 16: Side plank kneeling

  • Bend your knees and lie on one side.
  • Keep your elbows directly below your shoulders.
  • Press up to the sideboard (only your thighs and hips should be off the floor – stay on your knees)

No 17: Plank Leg Lift

get into a plank position with your forearms flat on the ground, palms facing down, and your body forming a straight line from your head to your heels, keeping your core nice and tight squeeze your glute to lift one leg off the ground just a couple inches hold for two to three seconds place it back down.

Repeat on the other side as you do this; make sure that your hips are staying parallel to the ground and you’re just squeezing from the glute to lift the leg. Continue alternating back and forth until you have achieved all your reps.

No 18: swimming pilates

The next exercise is called swimming. It strengthens the trunk and is one of the most valuable and very small parts of carpet work. There we also stretch the back and open the chest and use all these back muscles very actively. So when Christie gathers at your plant, you pull your stomach towards you and reach back to your arms and legs and lift them into the air and lift your head. Then you are now waiting for the right hand to lift the left leg up and turn to the left. Moreover, inhale the first side. Go a little faster, go, go, go, go, go, go, take a break, get your hands on your hips, and lower yourself to the mat. So Christie can represent you acting badly where everything is bad, and the shoulder is dry, and it is not good for her to walk around. The other thing to overflow is that perhaps the most advanced version has the feet together. It can make a blow to the lower back and simply separate it from the leg and pull it to the side so that it is anchored to the hips and shoulders, and then she goes swimming yes without wasting the hips and ribs. To isolate the legs and stabilize the hub and then relax for a fun workout.

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