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Brandon Curry was born on October 19, 1982, in America, Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is the main populous city and capital of the U.S. (united state) state of Tennessee. Brandon Curry is Now American professional bodybuilder(2020) competes for the heavyweight division. He is the 15th Mr-Olympia.

Brandon Curry bodybuilder biography

Curry first become interested in weight training when he received the pair of Hulk Hogan-branded dumbbells. It gives for his sixth birthday he was interested in that wonderful sixth birthday gift. While his child, His parents enrolled him for the gymnastics classes, but he was interested in his sports, but they were lost. He was interested in track and field and football and wrestling. He was a student at the Hunters Lane Comprehensive of his school. then Brandon Curry attended to the university of middle Tennessee state in Murfreesboro

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also, he played the football team of his university initially. But he got the decision to left the football team and switched athletic focus for bodybuilding. That was the path of his life. That Was the turning point. His way was related to weight training outside of the bodybuilding, and he was a personal trainer. He working yet.. also he divides his residency between Oceanside, California. And his born country Nashville.
within his bodybuilding life, he won a lot of competitions also Mr-Olympia is also his best winner point…

Bodybuilding career of Brandon curry

Brandon curry
Brandon curry

Brandon curry
His lighted heavyweight terms and classes. He won his first bodybuilding competition supernatural bodybuilding in 2003. then he won junior NPC national championship second light heavyweight in 2006 June 17. for this event weight 189 pounds. Then the next year NPC USA Championships heavyweight division was on July 28, 2007, with an addition 28 pounds. Also finished second in his division November 17, 2007, he became a second in the heavyweight division. curry won both heavyweight divisions July 25, 2008, and overall of the NPC USA championship confirmed him ranking as a pro bodybuilder

  • 1st 2003 won Supernatural Bodybuilding,
  • 2nd 2006 won NPC Junior National Championships,
  • 2nd 2007 won NPC USA Championships,
  • 8th 2011 won IFBB Mr.Olympia,
  • 7th 2012 won IFBB Arnold Classic,
  • 1st 2013 won IFBB Arnold Classic Brasil,
  • 16th 2015 won IFBB Arnold Classic,
  • 1st 2017. won IFBB New Zealand Pro,
  • 1st 2017 won IFBB Arnold Classic Aus,
  • 8th 2017. won IFBB Mr Olympia,
  • 1st 2017 won IFBB Ferrigno Legacy,
  • 5th 2018 won IFBB Mr Olympia,
  • 1st 2019 won IFBB Arnold Classic,
  • 1st 2019 won IFBB Mr Olympia,

His long-time girlfriend was brandy leaver. Now she is curry’s wife. They have one daughter. Name is Zoey curry and three sons.

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