breon ansley IFBB pro bodybuilder

Breon Ansley IFBB professional bodybuilder Biography

  • Nationality : AMERICAN
  • Height : 5’7 (170cm)
  • Weight : 185 -196 lbs (83.9 – 88.5KG)
  • Age : 41
  • Location : Rowland Heights, CALIFORNIA USA
  • Professions : Sponsored Athlete and personal trainer in California, USA & IFBB professional bodybuilder
  • Category(divition): IFBB Pro Classic Physique
  • Turned INto : 2013

Breon Ansley biography

I mentioned above some summary of Breon Ansley bodybuilder. Breon born and grow up in Rowland Heights, CA USA. While in Breon’s youth he falls far to play a variety of sports in his young periods Like footballs, tennis and ragging also track and swimming. football was excellent in his life.

Breon played the defensive back position for most of Breon Ansley’s schools. And landing the college scholarship to make for the lowa state unluckily, this occupation was cut short by an injury, but Breon was determined to be active and fit when after he left the college.

Breon Ansley Actor

After Breon come back home and Breon knew that he needed to continue his superb physique. And have to find a job so he began to act and work as an actor with succeeding in his auditions for the major commercials. Breon act in some brands like McDonald’s, Mountain Dew, Samsung, Walgreen’s and Chevrolet.

Even though he works as an actor, Breon conserved the dedication headed for fitness, physique which Breon had added at the college. Breon Ansley was enclosed by a quantity of friends who were fitness and bodybuilding professionals. And it was one of the facts of period earlier the sporting seed was fixed.

When 2008 Breon planned to be a personal trainer, help others to achieve their purpose. When he learning for his personal training condition Breon learned a lot about body and muscles working and how to grow up and maintain muscles. Breon knew about this topic was not easy from footballing days. But now breon known how to help others in his fields.

Breon Ansley Bodybuilding.

When Breon Ansley working out his clients in the GYM,  his friend often says to him that he had a performance-ready physique. Slowly, this inspiration operated. Also, Breon Ansley started to train harder with the purpose of posting at displayed.

Once a lot of hard work Breon Ansley started to reach for the success speedily. Breon takes his pro card and started new profession after getting top 3 times places at the NPC shown in 2013, 2012 then he managed to win the NPC Championships of USA.

Breon Ansley Olympia Career

Next 2015 Breon got the entire year to aimed at the building like professional level physique because he was impressed by what he get progress. So As a result of his work hard He got  IFBB Classic Physique  Division in 2016 at NPC prestige crystal cup in Florida and Boca Raton.

Then Breon Ansley got 4th place at the inaugural Classic Physique Mr Olympia. Breon Ansley Olympia That success was a real contender also breon asked to finish MR Olympia 2017 the most prestigious competition on the earth.

Next, he managed to land his best assigning in new York 1st place in IFBB. He loves this opportunity of showing and enjoyed the show. Then he also faced in Arnold Classic Physique in 2018 also Breon Placed (1st ) in best with His performance also Olympia Classic Physique Got 1st place. At this moment He Had a really competitive period Next he faced 2019 Olympia Classic Physique his place was the 2nd. Unfortunately, he got break down. Next, he stands in Classic men’s Physique 2019 Yamamoto Cup Pro as 1st Place.  Breon Ansley 212 performed In 2014 and he cannot place in the top 3. Here is the competitions List Of Breon.

Breon Ansley Winning Major competition List

  • 2013 – 1st  NPC USA championships
  • 2014 – 16th Place (Disqualified)  New York pro 212
  • 2014 – 15th place Europa Phoenix pro 212
  • 2016 – 1st place prestige Crystal Cup Of Classic Men’s Physique
  • 2016 – 4th place Olympia Classic Physique
  • 2017 – 1st place New York pro Classic Physique
  • 2017 – 1st place Olympia Classic Physique
  • 2018 – 1st place Arnold Classic Physique
  • 2018 – 1st place Olympia Classic Physique
  • 2019 – 2nd Place Olympia Classic Physique
  • 2019 – 1st Place pro Classic men’s Physique Yamamoto Cup

Breon Ansley workout

Breon Biceps routine

Machine preacher curl                          Warm-ups: 2 x 15

Sets:                                                       4 x 8 to 12

Incline dumbbell curl                             4 x 8 to 12

EZ-bar curl (wider grip)                         4 x 8 to 12

Superset with

EZ-bar curl (closer grip)                        4 x 8 to 12

Dumbbell concentration curl               4 x 8 to 12


Alternate dumbbell curl*                      4 x 8 to 12

EZ-bar reverse curl                                4 x  8 to 12


Dumbbell Hammer curl                        4 x 8 to 12

*For the alternate dumbbell curls, he (Ansley) frequently will play 3 reps with each arm and then Three with the other also until separately arm has done 12 reps.

Breon Triceps routine

Rope pushodowns                                               Warm-ups: 2 x 15-20

Sets –                                                                       4 x 12 to 16

skull crushers Dumbbell                                   4 x 12 to 16

Superset with

kickbacks Dumbbell                                                4 x 12 to 16

Close-grip bench press (Smith or barbell)              4 x 12 to 16

one arm overhead cable extension                         4 x 12 to 16

*Breon generally does these with least rest also just switching off arms until wholly 4 sets have been finished.

Breon Ansley Split

Tuesday:               Arms PM, Delts AM

Wednesday:          Back PM, Chest AM

Thursday:              Miscellaneous, often arms

Friday:                   Chest

Saturday:               Back 

Breon Ansley NET WORTH

Breon Ansley’s net worth has been increasing considerably from 2019 to 2020. Thus, how much is Ansley’s net worth? What is Ansley’s income for a year and how rich is Breon at the age of 41 (forty-one) years old? also, We have projected Breon Ansley net worth, income, money, & assets for 2019-2020 below:


Breon Ansley is a famous Bodybuilder, who has a net worth of $1 Million to $5 Million at the age of 41 (forty-one) years old. Breon’s salary source is typically from being a fruitful Bodybuilder. Breon is from the US.

estimated Net worth $1 – $5 Million

Net worth in 2021                               ;           $1 million-$7 million

Salary in 2020                                     ;           Under Review

2019 net worth                                    ;            Pending

2019 Salary                                          ;            Under Review

Whole Source Of Income                   ;           Bodybuilder

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