Bulgarian Split Squat

Best ULTIMATE Bulgarian Split Squat Exercise

hey, guys, today I’m gonna give you the latest Bulgarian split squat checklist.

alright, guys so you’re getting to the gym. and it’s time to perform some Bulgarian split squats. let’s talk today about how to perfect your positioning and your movement let’s walk you through a checklist. so you can make sure that you’re performing the perfect Bulgarian split squat.so 1st thing 1st positioning Bulgarian split squat is a back foot tilted split squat. suggesting that we want to find a box a bench to put your foot on top of now.

perfect your positioning In Bulgarian split squat

The first thing a lot of people have questions on is how high should the box be the big thing I see is a lot of people go too high they have their foot indeed high on a box also what that is going to take is when they get under into that base position.

positioning In Bulgarian split squat
positioning In Bulgarian split squat

it is gonna position the crazy stretch on the front side of that back leg. that’s not our goal with here our aim is to strengthen these front leg that back leg is basically just a kickstand to your bike. now if you have the back leg in the correct position when you are in the bottom of split squat stance getting set up certainly not each holding any weight yet you must be able to wiggle that foot a great amount remember that foot is only there as a kickstand 90% of our body weight is going through the front. I do not have a crazy bad stretch in the front of my hip right now some people may get a little bit but if the box is in the correct position you should be able to wiggle your back foot a little bit Deb,

Bulgarian Split Squat Exercise
Bulgarian Split Squat Exercise

Ready to Position Of Bulgarian split squat

Then that is step number one for most people this is about an eighteen-inch height I want you to err on the side of being a little bit smaller so for some people if you’re a little bit shorter than I am about 511 you can have maybe a 12-inch height box or even start on them about an 8-inch height for some people if you’re a little bit shorter but you want to have aired on the side of being a little bit shorter.

the second thing we’re going to be talking about is how wide or how long your stance length should be. now what I want you to do is get into the base position rest knee on the ground and let’s speak about how to get the absolute length. when you get into your bottom position remember our back leg is a kickstand so I’m wiggling my toes. I want to see the small part of an ahead shin angle ideally for many people now it is just healthy athlete we will speak on our recommendations if you are having hurt but for many people, a forward should angle just a little bit in that bottle position if I have the correct stance length my torso angle should be mimicking fairly close my forward chin angle.

Right position

now I tell people I want about 90 per cent of your body weight through your front foot so five my torso angle in the right position my length is correct and I’m driving 90 per cent of my body weight through here weight through the midfoot I am going to come straight down and straight up, you can see that my torso bend remains rather constant in the bottom position with my fortune turn. now again what are some people do wrongly they will have their knee pretty far forward in the front like this. now if I’m trying to put 90 per cent of my body weight through here this shin angle is not mimicking my torsional angle so that’s the first incorrect position.

2nd is they get true far forward again. I have got more further of a vertical if not a negative situation right here trying to make this that is really spread out so that would be the second fault so for most people for a healthy athlete. I want that angle about right here and we are driving vertical. now it is talk stance width for most people I do not want you to tightrope okay.

The length between your feet

I want you to have a little bit of a length in between if you are an Olympic weightlifter you are going into your split jerk you are usually gonna want about a foot or so long in between where your front foot is and your back foot you should be able to look in between your feet and see a little width. so while you go down into your Bulgarian split squat your front foot & shoulder situation should move straight in line if I am here there is clearly a vertical line going this way and if I am way out here outside my stance width that is obviously not a correct position as well so for most people you are gonna want shoulder straight vertical downcast that foot into the shin.

straight up & straight down

so that is going to be ideal stance width for many people. so we have talked about so far box height we’ve talked about the length we’ve talked about width let’s now talk about foot pressure remember the back foot is the kickstand 90% of your weight goes through your front foot in this moment we are immediately going to drive straight up and we are moving into the movement section of the Bulgarian split squat from here we are driving straight up & straight down and try to be as vertical as possible with this action as you can.

you’ll see a lot of people and they will incorrectly sort of seesaw backward so they’ll come back and they’ll go forward what is this doing it’s shifting a lot of weight into my rear foot remember this is a rear foot elevated split squat but our goal is to train a single leg so I want most your pressure through your front leg so try to keep this movement as vertical as possible up and down you don’t have to go all the way down to you tap but I need you to try to retain your progress as vertical as possible.

The weighting of Split Squat

now let’s talk about weight this at the start just bodyweight alone is gonna be pretty tough for some people you can then move to a kettlebell or dumbbell hold it right by your chest okay let’s get back into position remember 90% through front leg hold it up here down and back up can also hold it on the offset side down and back up. you can also progress this eventually to a barbell on your back as I did at the start of today’s Steps now that is the Bulgarian split squat checklist. we have box height we have length we have our width we have our foot positioning and how much weight we want to hold through our front foot.

Modifications of Bulgarian Squat

let’s talk about modifications if someone is having a lot of knee pain. I probably want to put them in a position where maybe they’re a little bit more forward with that foot and the reason for that is we’re going to take a little bit of shear in compressive force off the front of the knee.

so they’re gonna be in a little bit more of a lengthened position sitting back just a little bit more into the heel not into the back foot but into the heel of their front foot and that’s just going to allow them to keep a little bit more vertical shin in that vertical shin is going to allow us to not have as much compressive force straight back and sheer force on the knee like that so allow someone that’s maybe dealing with the type of knee injury that is symptomatic if their knee goes over their toe. it’s going to allow them to transition into single-leg training without becoming symptomatic so that is the first modification

other Modifications of Split Squat

now some people say well I really want to try to hit my quads I want to have a really close stance there’s not necessarily a problem if you come with the shorter stance if you’re a healthy athlete and it’s not hurting just know that it’s sometimes very tough to get into a good position where we’re not putting excessive shear force on the front of the D for most people we’re gonna want that front of the leg to be in a good position where at that bottom I have a similar torso to shin angle.

I’m in this position right here for most people that are going to be a healthy and safe position and movement for long term resiliency of your body while you’re doing your training. so I hope today you guys got something out of today’s checklist other articles and you now understand how you can perform a Bulgarian split squat with better technique better efficiency it can help your turning from here on out.

Split Squat Benefits

As well as trying your equilibrium to the max _ which will increase core strength and the raised up split squat is The powerhouse of leg day workout’ through your quads’ hamstrings and calves wholly set to benefit.

The glutes are similarly heavily intricate in the workout, hence it works for anybody keen on completing their posterior so Here is the top and best thing about it, however – almost every sport in the world (“The running very much included”) needs that you drive off the single leg at one time. so if you have not got some unilateral ( to one-legged), work in The workout plan then you are missing some trick

The is the reply for Bulgarian split squat: not just is it faintly informal to learn & master than the full-back squat’ but then it is the also more universally doable for persons with oddly-shaped femurs & arguably extra injury-proof In a rear squat, for instance, and the lower back derives heavily into play also weight limiting you are talented to lift. also In the Bulgarian squat and it’s all around glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Here is Bulgarian squat on how to do it better.

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