Mr. Universe 2019 Chitharesh Natesan

2021 Chitharesh Natesan Bodybuilder, Personal Info, wife and Best win Mr. Universe 2019

Chitharesh Natesan, popularly known as The Indian Monster in India is a Malayalam bodybuilder. He is crowned as an Indian professional bodybuilder. By winning the Mr.Universe 2019 (WBPF). He is also a special Mr. Becoming the first Indian player to win the Universe. Age 35 by May 7, 2021 (born May 7, 1986) Chitharesh Natesan, 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) and Weight 198 lb (90 kg), represents his native India. Chitharesh Natesan’s wife is Nasiba Nurtaeva from Uzbekistan. She looks very beautiful in a saree. Here you can see pictures of Chitharesh Natesan and Nasiba Nurtaeva’s wedding.

I gave you a summary of this Indian Monster earlier. Also brings you information about his biography and life journey, his competition, and his wife Nasiba Nurtaeva. Below are those. Choose what you want

Chitharesh Natesan Bodybuilder Personal Info

  • Full name                             : Chitharesh Natesan
  • Nickname                            : The Indian Monster
  • Height                                   : 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
  • Weight                                  : 198 lb (90 kg
  • Born                                      : May 7, 1986, in VaduthalaKochiIndia
  • Age                                       : 35years Old
  • Nationality                          : Malayalam
  • Country                                : india
  • Best win                               : Mr. Universe 2019, WBPF
  • Wife                                       : Nasiba Nurtaeva
  • Profession                           : Bodybuilding, Personal Trainer
  • Siblings                                 : Sowmya and Neethu
  • Father                                   : Natesan 
  • Mother                                 : Nirmala
  • Active                                    : yes

Chitharesh Natesan Education

Chitharesh Natesan Education

Born on May 7, 1986, in Vaduthala, Kochi, India, The Indian Monster’s parents are Natesan and Nirmala. He first graduated in 2004 with a B.A – History from Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam. And then The second graduation is Physical Education. Obtained from Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education, Thiruvananthapuram. He played hockey as a hobby at university. But it was limited to the university period. He later joined the Rejuvenation Fitness Group at Delhi in 2007 as a personal trainer.

Professional career

chitharesh natesan While working as a personal trainer, he volunteered to participate in the District Championships organized by the Ernakulam District Bodybuilding Association in 2010, where he competed in the 85 kg category. Was able to be crowned as easily as Ernakulam. Then he competed at the Emirates Bodybuilding Federation in the 70-80 Kg category in 2015 and was titled “Mr. Dubai – India”.

Natesan Competitions

Later, Chitharesh Natesan represented India, competing in South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, and Slovenia to give India a winning streak. In 2015, Mr. Dubai – India – 6th Place National Championship and 2018 Mr. World, 2019 Mr. Asia Pacific, Mr. Asia, Mr. Universe, Mr. Also became known as the World. chitharesh natesan’s biggest achievements came in 2019. 11 also became WBPF in 2019. It was the greatest victory he had ever had.

  • 2010 Ernakulam District Bodybuilding
  • 2015 Dubai Mr. Dubai – India – 6th
  • 2018 Slovenia Mr. World
  • 2019 South Korea WBPF Mr. Universe (best win)
  • 2019 South Korea Mr. World
  • 2019 Indonesia Mr. Asia
  • 2019 Thailand Mr. Asia Pacific

Chitharesh Natesan Height, Weight And Age

Chitharesh Natesan Height is 170 by 5 ft 7 in. According to information obtained in 2021 and information obtained during the 2019 Competitions. Also, Chitharesh Natesan’s weight will be between 90-95 kg by the end of 2021. He also weighs in at 198 lb due to his corona and off-season. The Indian Monster will be 35 years old by May 2021.

Chitharesh Natesan Wife

Chitharesh Natesan’s wife is Nasiba Nurtaeva. This can be a source of great frustration for anyone looking for Natesan’s Girlfriend. After all, he is married. That lucky one is Nasiba Nurtaeva, born in Uzbekistan. How much Natesan loves her can be seen in the green letter Nasiba on his neck.

Known as the 2019 Mr. Universe, he married Nasiba at the Pavakulam Sree Mahadeva Temple. The wedding was a private ceremony in Kochi. The wedding was a traditional Kerala-style wedding to the liking of both. The Nasiba saree looks very pretty and cute.

Natesan met Nasiba in Delhi while working as a fitness trainer. The two later fell in love. Later, they decided to take it as far as spending the rest of their lives together.

Chitharesh Natesan 2019

Chitharesh Natesan The highest achiever in 2019 is Mr. WBPF. Universe 2019 (World Bodybuilding And Physique Sports Federation). At, I saw some of his eyewitness accounts of his victory and a great conversation with Natesan. It describes his victory.

Natesan Best win Mr. Universe 2019

 At Government Arts College in Thiruvananthapuram, school, he received a very triumphant slogan. Teenagers lined up to take pictures with Natesan, and Natesan appeared in the photo, showing his biceps in front of him without a shirt on. That story is a story you must hear. Similarly, in 2019, Natesan. Mr. World, Mr. Asia, Mr. Asia Pacific wins

Once he was Lucion Pushparaj, winner of Mr. Universe 2018, is also there to see. There, too, he gained great popularity in Sri Lanka.

Chitharesh Natesan Instagram

Chitharesh Natesan soon wrote his name on Wikipedia in 2019. Natesan also has a huge fan following on Instagram. Filled with motivational photos and videos, his Instagram page has 82.6k followers and a similar number of fans support him on Facebook.

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