2020 classique physique IFBB

2021 Classic Physique IFBB, NPC Workout, Diet, and Weight Classes

Before I start explaining about classic physique. I have to introduce the categories about divisions. It can be four divisions in the men’s bodybuilding in Olympia. Actually, the new addition is called classic physique. Here are the categories.

Classic physique

Classic physique IFBB 2020
Classic physique IFBB 2020

This was introduced in the year 2016. This dissection is the youngest division in Olympia. Classic Physique is for men who need to get their muscularity & size outside the limits of the Men’s Physique. but it’s not rather to the excesses of the Open Class division. The current bodybuilding is mocked due to its steroid abuse so in the lane of receipt of too big. some bodybuilders lose control even their belly because of the enlargement of intestines like. then great muscular development which consequences is in the ultimate defeat of the hint of entire bodybuilding I.E. to build the body look beautiful and aesthetic with being able to hold in the belly a number of inches inwards etc. as told by the Arnold Schwarzenneger’ who conquered bodybuilding in Classic Era or Golden Era, where is the bodybuilders worked on looking extra beautiful and aesthetic. And This statement from the Arnold got the discriminated lots by the current bodybuilders as they in their defence said. And ‘Arnold does not identify anything about the current bodybuilding. which circuitously or straight meant that today’s gymnasts sacrifice a lot additional to get where they are and it is the great feat which can’t be reached by several. Slightly which ways Classic physique is currently the division in the Olympia & it has seen the very rough competition.

How The classic physique is better than bodybuilding?

Everybody knows Arnold. People mentioning to the classical physiques are typically referring for the variety of physique that conquered the 1960’s till the early ’90s

Also Sergio olive is the one of greatest classic physiques and bodybuilders of all time.

Another one of the best golden era physiques is the Mike Mentzer

Compare these guys with Dorian Yates. grainy, Huge, monstrous… as much muscle as he can have a possible place onto the frame. Dorian is a cool and wonderful dude and seems like a genuine and decent human being. but then this physique is sorted what in ruins bodybuilding & make it into the death cult of insulin and the GH abuse.

Classic physiques are succeeded in him the same way Dorian’s ware, but then without so many gears. Dorian had a different working out method than the most, but ultimately the big alteration was drugs.

Can be a champion in classic physique without Getting steroids?

classic physique without steroids
classic physique without steroids

Yes, absolutely you can do! I have all the time began that an aesthetic & even a champion class physique be able to be reached without the support of steroids and enhancing act agents. so But if you want to contest on that level you want to get unquestionable you compete in drug(steroid & other) free or so named as “natural” competitions with a strict check controller and etc. (but, more or less of the competitors do not aspect quite clean.) It is just going to get some extra time and more dedication and more testing. then I am not telling bodybuilders who get steroids are not devoted.

Strong, Muscular Men Wrapped With Massive Rope

In their item steroids are someway an ‘insurance’ that totally hard work will not become waste. And With being a unique player you do not have this provision. And You must grow a general knowledge of almost nutrition and so you can make the most of it. That is your most great weapon. Memorize it, this success in bodybuilding is founded on 3 causes: proper training plan, proper nutrition & adequate rest. One time, you catch the correct balance among these 3 in this particular order you will succeed in classic physique without drugs.

I hope this info was useful to you and the others for Quora person who reads.

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MANDATORY POSES For classic physique

Judging is scored 100% and will consist of following mandatory poses “5”,

  1. Front Double Biceps
  2. Side Chest
  3. Back Double Biceps
  4. Abdominal and Thighs
  5. Favourite Classic Pose (Not Most Muscular)


We will be totalling the more classic physique be posing videos throughout the year to support you make definite that you posing is on the point.

Tips for Building the Perfect classic Physique

  • Wake Up
  • Lift Big

Wake up

the solid warm-up is the backbone of any workout. A right warm-up grows your blood flowing & increases your body heat, then lets you lift further weight later on. then To skip the warm-up is flirt with the disaster’ as the dangers of premature exhaustion and damage are very high when your body is still cold. Then, make sure to jump your workouts off with the solid warm-up.

To do warm-up accurately, begin with light cardio in 5 minutes think, biking, or running, jogging in place then track it with extra 5 minutes of simple bodyweight movements to get your body firing on all cylinders.

Lift Big

When it approaches the correct lifting plans. large compound actions must make up the staple of the program. Transfers such as the squat, the bench press, and deadlift lead to flows in growth & testosterone hormone levels and leading to the greater fitness gains and accelerated muscle growth.

So Not only that, multiple actions recruit massive sums of muscle fibers and leading to the fat loss results and better energy expenditure.

Good Form

One of the key root reasons of injury is really bad form. Whether it is fidgeting and a curved back. or break of the bad signs, bad working out form can incantation disaster for working out a resolution. So make sure to impress really good form patterns in your exercises.

Get practical earlier you start getting large. Ask about for reply &  be open for it. Obviously’ hiring the individual trainer is the greatest option to aid you keep good form and improve.

Classic Physique Olympia Prize Money And Results

  • Chris Bumstead   $30,000
  • Breon Ansley      $10,000 
  • George Peterson  $5,000 
  • Keone Pearson     $3000
  • Chen Kang           $2000
  • Dani Younan
  • Alex Cambronero
  • Courage Opara
  • Arash Rahbar
  • Stan De Longeaux

Arnold Classic 2020 – Classic Physique Last Comparision And Pose


  1.    Sunny Akhigbe.
  2.    Steven Cao.
  3.    George Brown.
  4.   Carlos DeOliveira.
  5.   Yasser Fernando Chala Blandon.
  6.   Xavisus Gayden.
  7.   Andre Ferguson.
  8.   Brandon Hendrickson.
  9.  Anthony Gilkes.
  10. Derrick Stevenson.
  11. Ryan John-Baptiste.
  12.  Eric Wildberger.

Men’s physique champions

·         2015: Sadik Hadzovic

·         2016: Brandon Hendrickson

·         2017: Ryan Terry

·         2018: Andre Ferguson

·         2019: Andre Ferguson

Classic Physique Meal Plan

Classic Physique Meal Plan
Classic Physique Meal Plan

begins the Level 1 meal(nutrition) plan as a minimum 16-20 weeks out from that you have contest date. The first level is listed to help you to gain as exceeding muscle as you be able to and hope while raising your muscularity. Though even that early in the preparation, you must still attention on succeeding that classic little waist. So dropping fat is including a priority. Train as weighty & hard as conceivable. but use the textbook form and focus physically & mentally on improving at all the weak opinions in your physique. The optional quality supplements and very high protein foods will let you carry on to make developments to your classic physique so make the every working out session total.

Memo: In the meal plan under if your balance less than 165 pounds decrease carb portions and meat listed by 2 ounces.

(Completely meats are weighed up prior to cooking)

*Meal #1
four whites eggs + 2 whole eggs; 6 oz’ lean food: ½ mug oatmeal _
(measured before combining with cooking and water)

*Meal #2
(Select one option)
Option 1: Protein Juice with two scoops with Ultimate Muscle Protein, 1 to 2 tablespoons hale and hearty fat source (flax oil, olive oil, and almond butter) or weighty whipping cream.
Option 2: chicken or 10-12 oz. or 8 oz. lean beef. tuna, one minor orange or apple.

*Meal #3
8 lean food (The chicken or additional lean protein reference):
two-thirds cup cooked brown rice or 6 sweet potatoes; two cups vegetables like broccoli, etc.
or a green salad with oil dressing and the four tablespoons vinegar

*Meal #4
(similar options as we mention meal #2)

*Meal #5
10 oz. exact lean meat (turkey breast, chicken breast, , filet, lean beef-sirloin, fish etc.);
two plates vegetables;
salad with oil dressing and  two tablespoons vinegar

*Meal #6
Option 1: Protein Shake or a Pudding: two Scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein. enhance enough water to make the pudding or shake the steadiness you desire
Option 2:
eight eggs white and  + 6 oz, beef or 2 whole eggs;
1 to 2 mug vegetables

Supplement Program for Classic physique

One Super Pack with meal *1

Four Ultra 40 tabs & Four Mass Amino with separately meal recorded beyond

The Best Optional Supplements for Classic physique (in priority order)

Glutamine Choice – get two to four scoops for the period of training to reservation muscle throughout recontest dieting.

Muscle Interaction – doubt you need to remain to increase muscle. take the nice pump in every training, and be able to afford it – now Muscle Interaction is for you, You devise to get enough though. 1 scoop or 8 tablets twice a day. if you weigh under 185: if you are a heavyweight or lightweighty you will profit most 3 scoops per day or as of 24 tablets. Muscle Synergy grips lean muscle flesh through dieting better than whatever. just do not at all times recommend it to everybody because of the expenditure.

Creatine Choice will advantage you train harder while dieting or save your strength up and so that is additional creation you must consider. get five scoops a day with meals to the first five days and then two scoops every day on exercise days. and one scoop on non_training eras.

First Week & 2: Use Creatine Choice as directed overhead.

Third Week & Four: Creatine and get Muscle Synergy Choice together for the following 2 weeks.

Five Weeks  & Six: Creatine Choice & No Muscle Synergy.

Seventh Week & 8; Muscle Synergy and Creatine Choice.

Classic Physique Training

Your working out programs must be calculated to grow symmetry and proportion, and as well as muscularity. Then you shouldn’t be observing to basically add as greatly size as likely or to overdevelop at all specific body part. aesthetic muscularity and Total proportion is the aim. We have to Grow up the following working out programs with individuals parameters in attention. They are founded on decades of working out knowledge to give you the critical answer to a well-stable Classic Physique.

Increase reps with the same weight

Increase weight for the same rep range

Reduction rest breaks between sets – if your power seems to have plateaued as you get nearer for your competition, performance the similar number of sets in fewertime turn into a very valued form of improvement.

It’s actually important to effort separately muscle over its’ filled range of signal using contraction and whole extension on separate training.

Routine a workout periodical to save your development on track. and It may be a twisting notebook or fancy as you hope. Keep track with all workout period.

Compulsory Poses on Classic physique

1.      Front Double Biceps

Classic physique front double biceps
Classic physique front double biceps

2.      Side Chest

Side Chest
Side Chest

3.      Back Double Biceps

Back Double Biceps
Back Double Biceps

4.      Abdominal and Thigh pose

5.      Much loved Classic pose (best muscular isn’t permitted)

Last, you will implement your prevention routine (maximum 60 seconds) and if win your class you will enter in a posedown for the whole title.

Classic physique HEIGHT & WEIGHT CLASSES

The All further regional and CPA national competitions and state contests will have the choice to offer four height classes or to stop with two or three height classes and they are presently using. the breakdown for four height classes may be:

The Men’s Classic Physique competition can be separated in the following four height/weight divisions.

Division A (up to  & 5,7.)

equal to 5, 4, together with 160 lbs
Over 5, 4. , and equal to 5, 5, together with 165 lbs
Over 5, 5. , and equal to 5, 6. together with 170 lbs
Over 5, 6. , and equal to 5, 7, together with 175 lbs

Division B (5,7., up to 5,10)

Over 5, 7., and equal to 5, 8. together with 182 lbs
Over 5, 8. , and equal to 5, 9. together with 190 lbs
Over 5, 9. , and equal to 5, 10. together with 197 lbs

Division C (5,10. , up to 6,0. )

Over 5, 10. , and including 5, 11. together with 205 lbs
Over 5, 11. , and equal to 6, 0. together with 212 lbs

Division “D” (over 6’0″)

Over 6, 0., and equal to 6, 1. together with 220 lbs
Over 6, 1. , and equal to 6, 2. together with 230 lbs
Over 6, 2., and equal to 6, 3. together with 237 lbs
Over 6, 3., to 6, 4.or equal including also 245 lbs
Over 6,4. , and including 6,5. Including also 252 lbs
Over 6, 5. , and including 6, 6. including also 260 lbs
Over 6, 6. , and including 6, 7. Including also 267 lbs
Over 6,7. including also 275 lbs

Some Dieting Tips For Classic Physique Competition

In those nutrition conductors and IFBB Classic Physique Pro, 2015 CBBF Canadian National Bodybuilding Championship Men’s Junior Partition, first place and 2016 CBBF Bodybuilding Championships Open Heavyweight Partition, second place and 2016 IFBB North American Bodybuilding Championships first place -Pro Card, classic physique Mr Olympia 2019 Chris Bumstead shares 8 tips on success stage complete.

  • Set Your Schedule
  • 5 Sets In The Gym, Plus Cardio
  • Know Your Foods
  • Load Sodium and Water, Then First Cut Sodium
  • Bring Back The Sodium
  • Early Wake-Up
  • Relax After Pre-Judging
  • Do not Work Out The Day Before The game

Set Your Schedule for Classic physique Show

For the 1st show; I do not extremely recommend getting prepared for 30 weeks previous to the display. That provides you with sufficient time to develop muscle.

Schedule for Classic physique
Schedule for Classic physique

For the 1st 5weeks, you practise hard & clean up your diet a little. Formerly, at week 25’ start The full_on contest prep diet. His much-loved technique is to eat more and more carbs in some days than the others, The technique identified as the carbohydrate cycling. The Carb cycling is the 1st of 1-2 punch to drop body fat.

High day: 600 grams of The carbs

Medium days: 400 grams of The carbs

Low day: 200 grams of The carbs

Retain this protocol until 2 weeks earlier the show.

 5 Sets In The Gym + Cardio


One time you are 25weeks out’ began doing Five sets of individually exercise in the workout, 1st, play one light set and then one medium set and two heavy sets’ and a drop set. Do that each working out days, the Cardio does not stay the equal every day’ it will differ depending on how many carbs you are eating:

High-carb day– no cardio

Medium-carb days – 30-minutes high-intensity cardio

Low-carb day– 45 minutes steady-state cardio

Know Your Foods

Know Your Foods
Know Your Foods

Jasmine or Brown rice, oatmeal, sweet or red potatoes, and rice cakes are good samples of multifaceted carbohydrates. Then When you are working out hard, you need something that is slow digesting so you get long and lasting energy

1.5 grams of protein each pound of body weight each day.

healthy fats for example peanuts, almonds, peanut butter,  sesame seeds and cooking oils.

Load Water And Sodium, Then Cut Sodium First

Load Water
Load Water

Drink one gallon of water per day till you are 2 weeks out from the competition, then rise the quantity, His recommend

Sodium operation is also the staple of classic physique diets. completely or lowering cutting sodium from diet 3 days out

Bring Back The Sodium

The greatest way to carry sodium back into your diet is the night earlier & morning of the competition.

late night sodium boost Can help with restricting and create you look like fuller

Early Wake-Up

early Wake-Up

day of the competition’ you need to get up at 6 a.m.” That is the dreamlike hour for the reason that it provides you sufficient time to carb up if you are looking flat.

Relax After Pre-Judging

Pre_judging is 1st part of the Classic physique show’ where judges increase an early look at competitors. The Finals will choose the champions. And The 2 actions are normally separated by 5_6 hours.

Do Not Work Out The Day Before The Classic Physique Show

The aim of working out during peak week is to reduce the muscles as much as conceivable previously you carb up’. You will train wholly upper body Tuesday *Wednesday *Thursday, then take *Friday off for the Saturday competition.”

Classic Physique Training Program

DAY1: Quads/Hams



Leg Extensions (Warm-Up)Leg Extensions (Working)2415-2015
Leg Presses510-30
Hack Squats512-15
Lunges315 steps


Lying Leg Curls420-25
Stiff-Leg Deadlifts315
Stairs5x UP abd Down*

*, choose a long flight of stairs or bleachers. Use a fact pace, Pushing Through Your Hells on Each Step.

DAY2: Chest/Abs/Calves



Incline Barbell Presses(warm-up)Incline Barbell Presses (Working)2
Flat bench presses(dumbbell or barbell)38-15 (pyramid)
Decline Barbell Presses312-15
Dumbbell Flyes410-12
Cable Crossovers315


Rope Crunches415 down the middle15 twisting, 10 down the middle
Knee-Ups425 (each side )
Broom Twists425 (each side )
Donkey Calf Raises415
Standing Calf Raises415-20
Seated Calf Raises415-20

DAY3: Back/Rear Delts



Pullover (Warm-up)Pullover (Working)2315-2012-15
Smith Machine Deadlifts410-15
Barbell Rows48-12
One-arm dumbbell rows48-12
Seated Pulley Rows410-15


The Reverse Cable Crossover315-20
Back laterals on pec deck or flye   machine415
Single-arm bent-over Cable Lateral Raises415

*This the workout is an example of weak point training as discussed in Classic Physique (in above)

DAY4: Shoulder/Arms



Lateral Raises412-15
Military Presses48-15
Rear Laterals on Pec Deck or Flye machine415ww
Wide-grip Upright Rows410-15
Front Dumbbell Raises315
Dumbbell Shrugs315


Preacher Curls410-15
Barbell Curls48-15
Concentration Curls310-15
Rope Pushdowns415-25
Lying Extensions410-15
Overhead Extensions415
One-Arm Pushdowns415

Repeat Abs Calves Workout From Day 2.

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