continue to build muscle while you are stuck at home

How do you continue to build muscle while you are stuck at home?

When muscle-focused exercisers are told to exercise at home, the number one thing they think about is that they can’t keep their muscles or make any progress compared to the gym. Of course, the actual progression scale is not so clear as the use of body weight or belts cannot be measured with weight. Muscles are built with progressive tension overload (increasing the weight used for a given lift over time). Exercise at home is not in vain. If anything, it forces us to be smarter and use better programs.

Here are the ways to keep progress when you are stuck at home.

REPS – Since we can’t gain weight, our only option is to increase the REPS. Research shows that not just muscle maintenance, nevertheless even growth can occur if you put muscle done fatigue anyplace from 6-30 times. Remember, when you go up the reps, you are close to the failuragene you should be going to, because you do not get as much stress as you did in the early stages of muscle fatigue. So if you make 15 push-ups in the first week of quarantine, try hitting 16 or more per second. Focus on moving forward each week. If the exercise is difficult to start or the form is not lazy you can move on from week to week.

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increase the REPS

Ideally, be sure to stay within that range. Once you hit 25-30 find a way to make the exercise more challenging. Subsequent recommendations will help

SLOW ECCENTRICS– Another great tool for building muscle. The other aspect of muscle growth is the time spent under stress. Our muscles are broken and built up throughout the eccentric joint component of the elevator. If you slow down (do not lose weight like Brow) and allow the muscles to work by losing weight slowly, a burn will build up very quickly for fewer agents.


Eccentricate for 3-4 seconds. So if you are doing a push-up, let your body take 3-4 seconds and then go back down. You will feel the production of more lactic acid which gives your body a signal to build a strong muscle to start growing.

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ISOMETRIC PAUSES– I like these even when I’m at the gym. Most people who read this are trying to build their muscles. If the muscle does not shoot, it cannot grow. Most of us spend most of our time in the gym doing exercises that do not strain the muscles. The secondary muscles that help you to complete the movement are activated. Have you ever seen someone wash their hands when they are used to twisting a heavyweight? It will not reach your goals.

Take a 2-3 second contraction at the top of the movement (squeeze as hard as you can when the muscles are completely flexible). Do it for each agent. It helps to bring agents to the 10-20 range. By focusing on a squeeze, you teach your mind-muscle connection to KEEP how the muscle is meant to work and how it receives the pointer to grow. End swinging the arms to rotate. Pay attention to keeping a contraction!

PRE-EXHAUSTION– Scots with your body are easy for most people. I’m sure you can get rid of 30+ before you get tired. Pre-workout is when you take a more isolated exercise and target the muscles directly before hitting a compound again.


So, instead of doing weight classes, lift your back foot on a chair and try to have lunch, do 10-15 times with each leg, then go to weight classes. You need to find 30+ Scots agents who can do it. You have pre-exhausted the legs by isolating them individually so that when you reach the main elevator they are already tired but the area you want to grow is properly exhausted.

Put it all together:

  1. Weeks 1-4: Add 1-2 times a week before each workout
  2. Weeks 5-8: 2-3 seconds of symmetrical contractions for each exercise. If you can try adding an agent or two from the previous week.
  3. Weeks 9-12: Use 3-4 eccentric negatives for each exercise. If you can try adding an agent or two from the previous week.
  4. Weeks 13-16: Choose a solitary pre-workout exercise for large movements (squats, push-ups, rows, etc.) For small ones such as shoulders or arms it may not really be necessary.
  5. There you have it. It’s an adequate program to give you a muscle building exercise while stuck at home, and the mesocyclone progression (absolutely a long time to get you through quarantine!

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