Effective Exercise To Reduce Breast Size

14 Effective Exercise To Reduce Breast Size Naturally At Home

Beautiful breasts are something that women love and are essential for women. It also defines gender. This exercise series gives effective results to every woman who thinks that having a big breast is a hindrance. Everyone looking for this effective exercise to reduce breast size is at risk. It can also be mental. Physically, you may have problems with large breasts and back pain.

How To make big breasts naturally

Let’s first see how these big breasts are made. Breasts are made up of hormonal receptors and adipose and glandular tissue (read this article). These are used by the glandular tissue or breast tissue to produce milk. The type of adipose tissue that fills the breast is adipose tissue. Hormonal changes in the body cause these breasts to expand over time, causing these breasts to enlarge.

Effective Exercise To Reduce Breast Size

Exercise is a big help in avoiding this condition. Breast muscle tone can be tightened by doing targeted exercises. This will allow you to get a permanent chest lift in a matter of months. Below you will find 14 targeted exercises. As a trainer I divide this exercise into sections and train the trainers. You can share this too. The exercise found in this effective exercise to reduce breast size article has made a huge difference to my clients in just six months.

  14 effective exercise to reduce breast size

Exercise 14 These are useful for rapidly reducing your breast size. These can also be taken as a simple and basic exercise. It is designed to be done in the gym and at home.

  1. Dumbbell pullover
  2. Chest press
  3. Side raises
  4. Front raises
  5. Push-Ups
  6. Wall push ups
  7. Shoulder press
  8. Shoulder shrugs
  9. Upright rows
  10. Cardiovascular exercises
  11. Leg raise
  12. Jogging
  13. Swimming
  14. Yoga

Dumbbell pullover

Dumbbell pullover is the one of the best ways to make your muscles grow and reduce your large breasts.  It is to slowly stretch them under load we’re gonna use a classic bodybuilding movement for the lats called the dumbbell pullover to do it and here’s my favorite way to set up for the movement.

Dumbbell pullover to reduce breast size
  • You’re gonna come off the edge of a bench.
  • You’re going to get a dumbbell and cup it at the top part of that bell I’m gonna bridge up squeeze my glutes my upper back is planted but my head is dangling a little bit off the edge of that bench my glutes are tight
  • Abs are crunched and I’m gonna take three to four seconds keeping the arms relatively straight maybe a slight elbow Bend three to four seconds to lower pause for a count in that fully stretch position and then come up.
  • I want you to do three to five sets of 10 to 15 repetitions at this tempo.

Chest press

I take this as a second exercise because of the ability to reduce the particular breast here.

Chest press

Let’s see how To Do :

  • First you take a bench and lie on it (keep your legs well on the floor) and then take two dumbbells that are as heavy as you can carry (only the weight you can do) and then lift your arms so that it is facing your shoulders straight to your face.
  • Tighten your shoulder blades together. Then bring the elbows to a 90-degree angle (parallel to the shoulders) with both hands at a 90-degree angle and slowly lift the dumbbells again.
  • You can reduce breast size by doing four sets of 12 to 16 reps.

Side raises

  • You hold two light dumbbells in your hand.
  • Hold the dumbbell in your hand and stand up straight.
  • Then lift the dumbbells to the sides of the shoulders (parallel to the shoulders).
  • Raise your hands and hold for about two seconds and then return to the previous position. When that happens, slowly bring your hands down.
  • Do 4 sets of 10-12 reps.

Front Raises

This 4th breast reduction exercise is a straightening exercise with two dumbbells as before (Exercise 3). This exercise strengthens the shoulders while lowering the arms and helps to reduce large breasts and get two very beautiful plump breasts. Let’s see how to do this.

How To Do:

Front Raises
  • Stand up straight as in the previous exercise. Also carrying two dumbbells.
  • Keep both hands on the back of the body (see pictures above)
  • Keep the body straight and raise both arms forward. Face forward. (This can be done with one hand and then with the other)
  • After lifting the dumbbell to shoulder size, hold for two seconds and slowly lower your arms.
  • Do 4 sets of 10-12 reps


Push-ups are a basic exercise for weight lifting and are popular with everyone. That’s because it’s simple and easy to do everywhere. It is also effective in enabling a large number of muscles to be exercised in a single exercise. This exercise also helps to reduce breast size. That is why I am taking it.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as a problem.

01.) Position of the body.

02.) Hand position

03.) Range of motion.

04.) The final point is the movement of the shoulder blades.

This is an article that we do not use for pushups, so we are not going to talk in depth here. But in order to reduce breast size, you need to know the position of the body, the position of the hands, the range of motion. Watch this for that (video below).

Let’s see how to do pushups as needed to reduce breast size.

  • Start exercising from the plank position.
  • Keep both hands on the floor (on either side of the shoulders)
  • If the hands are directly below the shoulders, it will not help to reduce the breasts(remember)
  • If at first it is difficult to make the toe area hit the ground, start with the knee.
  • Then go down and slowly come up. (Do not send your hands too far to either side, making sure the elbows move slightly closer to the body)
  • Do 4 sets with 12 reps

Wall push ups

How To Do

  • You stand facing the wall parallel to the wall.
  • Stand two feet back from the wall.
  • Then place your hands on the wall at shoulder level.
  • Then bend your arms and direct your weight towards the wall.
  • Then slowly return to the previous position. (Make sure the back is straight)
  • Do 4 sets with 12 reps

Shoulder press

If you continue to press the shoulder for two months, you will be able to reduce your breast size by 75%. But that is not a good thing when looking at your shoulder. It’s more dangerous to the shoulders than you think. Therefore, it is advisable to wait for six months for a result.

Shoulder press
  • You will need two dumbbells and a bench (you can stand if you want, but it is unsafe to carry heavy loads)
  • Sit on the bench. Holding both dumbbells in hand.
  • Then hold it at 90 degrees to both shoulders. Also keep the elbows elevated at a range of 90 degrees.
  • Then lift it up. Lift the head back to the normal size with the lift (avoid hitting each other.)
  • Do 4 sets of 10 reps.

Shoulder shrugs

Shoulder shrug will no doubt reduce the size of your cup. Let me explain to you how to do this with a dumbbell. Doing this with a barbell will tighten the sides of your shoulders (for those with large breasts). Therefore, we say that it is advisable to carry two dumbbells.

How To Do:

Shoulder shrugs
  • To shrug the shoulders you must first keep your body straight with both dumbbells.
  • Then you should stand up straight and keep your back straight and your shoulders well behind you (this posture is a bit difficult for those with rolled shoulders).
  • Hold the dumbbells close to the hips and lift only the shoulders.
  • Again it should be sent down slowly.
  • Do 4 sets with 12-15 reps (breast reduction ones)

Upright Rows

This exercise is most commonly used to build up the shoulders and lower back muscles of the shoulders. This is also used for Lower Trap exercises. It is also used to reduce the size of the breasts. This applies to a large number of muscles in the upper body. Also this should not be used with too much weight (remember strongly). Excessive weight bearing can cause back pain. So do this Upright Rows under the guidance of a trainer.

More details below.

Upright Rows

How To Do:

  • Extend the legs slightly to the sides, shoulder width apart, and stand up straight.
  • Then adjust the weight with the ez bar or dumbbell and bring it close to the neck.
  • Before bringing, bring your hands slightly beyond shoulder width (see picture of fingers and ankles turned out)
  • When bringing, place your ankles above your elbows (see image)
  • Do 3 sets of 10 reps

Cardiovascular exercises

Cardiovascular exercises hope to reduce the amount of fat in the chest area. But it can also reduce whole body fat. What we are aiming for here is to reduce the fat on both sides of the breast. This cardio gives us it well. Here are the some of cardiovascular exercises these are can do at home. It also tightens the chest muscles and gives you several low-impact cardio exercises to reduce the breasts.

  • Exercise walking
  • Elliptical trainer or step machine
  • Stationary bicycling
  • Swimming and water aerobics

Leg raise

This is an effective exercise to reduce breast size and can be done easily and at home. This can quickly reduce the hanging nature of the chest. It also tones our abdominal muscles.

 Leg raise to reduce breast Size
Leg raise to reduce breast Size

How To Do:

  • First, lie on the floor with your arms outstretched. (To the ground)
  • Second, pull the abdominal muscles against the spine.
  • Also keep the knees straight and lift the legs up.
  • Put the weight of both legs on the buttocks and slowly come to the floor for a few seconds.
  • Do not bring the legs to the floor. Stand with both feet two inches above the ground.
  • Do 4 sets with 20 reps

Jogging and Swimming

Jogging and Swimming to reduce breast size

This also belongs to the category of cardio workouts. This can be taken as a reduction in the size of the natural breasts. Swimming can also be taken as this low impact cardio. There are a lot of facts about this. It also mentions jogging. Click and read.

Yoga to reduce breast size in 1 week

Do you want to reduce the size of your breasts through yoga? Then follow the yoga asanas below. The results are truly unbelievable.

Yoga to reduce breast size in 1 week
Yoga to reduce breast size in 1 week
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Prayer Pose
  • Setubandhasana or bridge pose
  • Padangusthasana or big toe pose
  • Ardha Chakrasana or half wheel pose

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