Eleonora Dobrinina

Eleonora Dobrinina Height, Weight, 2021 Networth, Training, Diet Plan

Who is Eleonora Dobrinina?

Eleonora Dobrinina is a professional bodybuilder. She was born and raised in Russia. She is a WBFF Pro athlete and represents IFBB Pro as a competitor. Faced with many problems, she moved to a new country and began her fitness industry career. Her father is also a bodybuilder. Eleonora’s father died when she was 14, and she told herself, “I will be like him to the best of my ability. He will take everything I can to make me proud. Although he was not close. “

  • Nationality: Russian, American
  • Name: Eleonora Dobrinina
  • Nickname: Eleonora
  • Profession: Bodybuilder
  • Year-Of-Birth: 1981
  • Birthday: 30 June 1981
  • Birthplace: Russia
  • Sun Sign: Cancer
  • Hometown: America

Height And Body Measurements

Eleonora Dobrinina height

Eleonora Dobrinina height is (167.5cm) 5 Feet 7 Inches. Eleonora Weight is 56.7 to 61.2Kg with a 3% body percentage. His Body Measurements are 35-28-38. And Hair color is blonde, and Her Eye color is black.

  • Height – 5’6″ (167.5cm) (1.68m)
  • Weight – 125 to 135lbs (56.7 to 61.2kg)
  • Breast — 35 inches
  • body fat percentage : 3% (lowest)
3% bodyfat

Through many interviews, Instagram conversations, and other social media platforms such as YouTube, Eleonora describes her diet and exercise. She gained his weight and began the process of becoming fit. She is very stubborn, do what she says and definitely do it. In 2012, she received first place WBFF Pro Fitness Model. She is a CBFF and OPA Athlete. And Eleonora dobrinina body fat percentage is 3%. It was the lowest percentage of his life and The Lowest Female Bodyfat percentage in The World.

If we want to get a good body, we need to focus on our diet and exercise, and fitness. She started a gym to lose weight and build a well-shaped body. A lot of people are there, their inspiration is Eleonora, and she is inspired. She is happy to help others that everyone wants to know about her diet and exercise and she gives it.

Eleonora Dobrinina Life career (Summary)

Born and raised in Russia, Eleonora Dobrinina has always worked in the gym, teaching mountaineering and aerobics. Later the death of her father, she began to take fitness to a new level. His presence as a champion wrestler of the Soviet Union stood out in her mind as an influential and trustworthy figure who was honoured.

Eleonora Dobrinina dance at Home,
Eleonora Dobrinina dance at Home, she is crazy bodybuilder.

But not all sailing for Eleonora Dobrinina. She emigrated to a new country at a young age. She faced endless roadblocks and obstacles. Eleonora’s fitness started to suffer, and at one point, she doubled up her weight.

Eleonora Dobrinina getting fat
Eleonora Dobrinina getting fat

After gaining extra weight, she promised herself to get fitter she had never had before. Needless to say, Eleonora did precisely that. She has been a WBFF Pro athlete as well as an IFBB Pro competitor.

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Eleonora Dobrinina Biography

Eleonora Dobrinina Biography
Eleonora Dobrinina Biography

When Eleonora Dobrinina grew up as a child in Russia, her father left a lasting impression on her because she was one of the most successful athletes in the Soviet Union. and

Eleonora’s father (Viktor Dobrinin) was a professional wrestler who always placed 1st or 2nd in any competition in which he participated. His request and the ability to get anything he wanted to be stood out in her mind. All respected him.

“He always got what he wanted. Those around him loved him. That appearance will remain in my memory forever. “

It was incredibly difficult for her and her mother to make such an impression on young Eleonora when she and her mother died at the age of 36. She was 14 when he died. In that situation, she told herself, “I will be similar to him (father) to the greatest of my ability. He will do everything I can to make me proud. Although he was not close. ”

From here, Eleonora Dobrinina began to attack the gym incessantly. Although she was still teaching flight classes, the gym keepers saw how enthusiastic she was and gave her a personal trainer position. She retains being “blessed,” but the thought came to her, “I’m not sure if I can deal with anyone alone, and if someone will try to listen to me and follow me as a training authority.”

Accomplishments Of Eleonora

  • 2012            1st place WBFF Won
  • 2015            1st  Place IFBB Pro Fitness Model
  • OPA and CBFF Pro Athlete

 Inspiration of Eleonora Dobrinina

She did not realize it, but many in the gym looked at her with inspiration and motivation as they saw her full commitment and a healthy lifestyle. Eleonora told, I did not realize how people watched at me, and they looked at me as a professional coach and a professional athlete.

People shadowed me like silly and jumped into the classes with cheerful smiles. I was told that I wanted them to act better and look better and that they appreciated me for my looks. ”

Helping others to stay healthy with hard work and dedication; everyone looked at her diet and training tips, Eleonora was happy enough to help.

She took a course on personal training, which was her biggest dream, and she is grateful for everything she has accomplished. Eleonora holds a philosophical view of her progress through life; “Sometimes we suddenly don’t understand what we’re performing and where we are.


 Aims are also reached responsibilities that lead to victory growth. Constant effort and constant positive visualization really do work! If you really want something, you dream about it every day, and you follow your dream, one day it will surely come true! You can’t even “expect” it; You think, do, and then it will happen. “

Emigrated to an America

A few years later, her mother, who appeared to be one of the best coaches in her area, decided to move from Moldova to Canada in 2005 and followed Eleonora. Eleonora was 23 years old at the time, and the move was difficult because she had to present everything she had worked for and begin all over again.

She struggled to get to the gym because of two jobs that she did not have in the fitness field, her lack of English in the beginning, her retention, and working in different places. At this point in her life, Jim is her only salvation, looking forward to every day she can get back into the gym.

Eleonora’s inability to go to university because she had to do a lot of work to pay the bills, or because her busy schedule was always working because she had to take English classes, but one thing stood out in her mind. Through these difficult moments, her father’s smile encouraged her to move on.

I remembered my number one person – my father – who never gave up and was always cheerful and smiling. Thinking about it keeps me strong, and I go step by step, learning English on my own, starting to meet new people, and getting the chance to spend more time in the gym whenever I can.

Getting overweight

At the age of young, Eleonora understood that if she stopped training or started eating more than she needed, her body would quickly gain weight. This didn’t matter initially because most days, she worked out in the gym where classes were held from 8 am to 11 pm, but she started gaining weight with her new lifestyle in Canada.

After six months in the country, her weight has increased from 118 to 126, and this is the first time she has realized that she needs to start controlling what she eats.

Eleonora says she could not control her weight while she was pregnant. Her hormones changed, and she could not stop eating. He begins to grab a large weight on the body. For Eleonora, she had never experienced this before because, throughout her youth and adulthood, she was always healthy and skinny.

In the morning, during the entire day, and especially at night, my mouth is never closed! I ate non-stop, but I did

It cannot be controlled. Well, now I think I could, but at that point, I kept saying, ‘I lost everything after childbirth and magically became the same, Ella.’ All my friends and family told me. “

Eleonora Dobrinina Boyfriend/Affair

Like I said before, Eleonora Dobrinina is still unmarried. ( age of 36 years old) And she has no other affairs at the moment. She says she is looking for someone to marry according to her wishes, and that is someone in her own field. She says it’s about her ability to move forward with him.

Eleonora Dobrinina Net Worth

Eleonora Dobrinina estimates that by 2020 NetWorth will be worth $ 3 million to $ 4 million. (age of 36 years old) He earns initial fitness training and fitness sponsors.

Professional Fitness model

When Eleonora Dobrinina weighed in after giving birth, she saw 226 pounds looking back at her. This was a big shock, and she knew it was time to get back into shape. For at least 6 weeks later giving birth, Eleonora Dobrinina smiled politely but remained silent, disregarding doctors’ advice to avoid any form of physical activity.

At that time, I hated looking in the mirror every morning when I woke up. I did not try to look, but when that happened, I kept saying, ‘I hate this guy,’ ‘I’ll change myself,’ ‘I’ll fix this,’ ‘I’ll look better than before,’ to do so because I love myself so much.

It is clear that change is difficult for Eleanor, she has spent most of her life in top condition, but now weighing 226 pounds, she is desperate to make a difference. Eleonora Dobrinina worked harder than ever. Her diet was “on time,” and her training was long and intense, and she began to lose weight.

It didn’t take long for her to start gaining recognition on social media as a fitness model and a professional competitor. During the summer of 13 October 2012, she met several friends who introduced her to the WBFF, and she took to the stage without hesitation in a state of shock.

This was the beginning but not the end of Eleonora at all. She has become one of the most successful fitness models on Earth who boasts of being one of the strongest and most defined physicists the world has ever seen.

I decided to move the organization from WBFF to IFBB; now, I can say that it was my best decision from the life of my short but experienced competitors!

Eleonora dobrinina workout routine

For each exercise, the first exercise will be a “normal” pyramid scheme. Until you fail, you will use the maximum weight for each set (e.g., 12 reps for 150 lbs for Romanian deadlift, 10 lbs for 180 lbs, 8 lbs for 200 lbs, 6 lbs for 220 lbs) and then 90 seconds Rest between sets for. Of course, you use your own weight according to your ability. Finish A1 first, then B1, and continue like this throughout the training session.

For the next exercise, B1, go hard, but each set is the same (for example, 80 80 per set), and the rest between sets is only 45 seconds.

Hamstrings and abs: Monday

No 1 – Romanian dead lift: 12 reps with 6 sets, 10, 8, 8, 6  (rest 90 sec)

No 2 – Lying leg curls: 10 reps with five sets, your max weight  (rest 45 sec)

No 3 – Seated leg curls: 8 reps with five sets, your max weight  (rest 45 sec)

No 4 – Incline crunches: 15 reps with four sets, till failure  (rest 60 sec)

chest and shoulders: Tuesday

No 1- Seated DB press: 12 reps with six sets, 10, 8, 8, 6 – and rest 60 second

No 2- DB Lateral raises ten reps with five sets, – rest 45 sec

No 3- BB bench press: 8 reps with five sets, – rest 45 sec

No 4- Dips: 4 sets, 10reps  till failure – rest 60 sec

Back and abs: Wednesday.

No 1- Seated lat pull down the front: 12 reps with six sets, 10, 8, 8, 6 – and break 60 second

No 2- Chin-ups: 10 reps with five sets, – rest 45 sec

No 3- One arm DB row: 8 reps with five sets, – rest 45 sec

No 4- Dragon flag: 8 reps with four sets, till failure – rest 60 sec

 30 to 40 min Cardio low intensity: Thursday

Quadriceps and Calves: Friday

No 1- Front squats: 12 reps with six sets, 10, 8, 8, 6 – rest 90 sec

No 2- Leg press: 10 reps with five sets, – rest 45 sec

No 3- Leg extension: 8 reps with 5 sets, – rest 45 sec

No 4- Seated calves raises: 4 sets, and 12 reps till failure – rest 60 sec

Biceps and Triceps: Saturday

 No 1- DB curl standing: 12 reps with five sets, 10, 8, 8, 6 – and rest 60 seconds.

No 2- Inside grip bicep curl with EZ bar: 12 reps with five sets, – rest 45 sec

No 3- EZ bar lying triceps extension: 12 reps with five sets, – rest  45 sec

No 4-  Rope push-down: 12 reps with five sets, – rest 45 sec 

Sunday OFF

Eleonora dobrinina Best Training


Eleonora’s favorite heart shape has less of an effect with less intensity. When she’s in the gym, she’s like to be a step master or gym on a rotating bicycle. There are also times when she jumps out at a steady pace.

Favorite Exercise

Some of the exercises she likes to include in her workouts are hip push-ups to target glutathione and hamstrings. For her upper body, she likes to chin-up.


Like all pro-fitness athletes, Eleonora pays close attention to her diet and mixes macronutrients with every meal. She pays more attention to stock control than diet, but diet is an important factor to consider when losing weight.

Eleanor will supplement with micronutrients containing polymers and minerals. Her advice is;

“Eat clean food. Eating requires discipline, but it is not that complicated. “

Learning From eleonora dobrinina

What we can learn from Eleonora. she is that even when things looked down, and her weight doubled to 226 pounds, she still worked hard for a healthy life, remembering her father’s inspiration.

Emigrating to a new country was not simple, mostly when English was not her first language. Working two jobs, meeting new people, training hard, and overcoming endless obstacles, Eleonora shows us that her ambition has paid off.

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