How to get wider biceps

How to get wider biceps using exercise [2021]

Every day you dream of turning your body from small biceps to wider biceps. It gives your body a lot of supplements and exercises so that you will not be able to get the wider biceps you want to get. Here are some points to help you get started: “How to get wider biceps.”. I think it is fair to say that most of us do not need a well-developed biceps peak when making massive biceps.

Most importantly, we want the biceps (and arms in general) to look full and thick and not just sideways or flexible.

But the front looks or looks like a well-developed for a shirt

You spin in the gym every day, trying to make bigger and wider biceps. You have seen impressive results, but there is only one problem: your hands are not good enough. When you make massive biceps sans complete, they will look great on the side but weird from the front view. Read on to find some easy steps to create great wider biceps.


Well, while genetics will play a task in this, massive biceps in general often lead to wider biceps, and there are a few key things you can do to improve your biceps width further.

To know what these things are, we must first look at the anatomy of the biceps.

Bicep anatomy

As the title implies, the biceps is a two-headed muscle with a long head and short head. The short head is placed on the inside, and the long head is positioned on the outside:

The Key Of wider biceps BRACHIALIS

The “brachialis” is a smaller identified arm muscle that is actually located below the long head of the biceps:


These muscles are responsible for some of the outer arm’s mass, which anatomically pushes the biceps upwards. This basically creates the illusion of a broad-handed arm – just what we expect it to accomplish.

So, with that being said, let’s see an exercise you can do to improve your binocular width, prioritizing “brachialis” and then working on your less developed biceps head.

The “brachialis” is the muscle responsible for the biceps’ width and is often overlooked in our training.

muscle responsible for the biceps

We will find your brachialis; then, you can get the land to know what we are trying to target. The brachialis is located below the biceps also is slightly visible if you bend the arm and vibrate outwards.

Below your long head is a muscle. It is a muscle located between the biceps and triceps.

That’s your brachialis!

The brachialis is located below the long head of the biceps between the biceps and the triceps.

the long head of the biceps
long head of the biceps

You may notice that these muscles are a bit sore, as it is a common area of ​​motivation for anyone with high body training.

The biceps and brachialis share elbow flexion’s common function, so the brachialis cannot be isolated. However, there is a larger variation between the way brachialis and biceps prefer to work using a specific technology.

Because the brachialis is strongest in the center of the movement, it contributes more to the elbow’s flexion from the beginning of the elbow bend to the third, and the bicep kicks harder from the middle to the top.

This means that we can hinder its contribution by disrupting the preferred action of the biceps. This can be achieved by pronouncing the forehead in some of our exercises, and I will show you how to do it below.

The Biceps Width Workout

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Exercise 1: DB Incline Curls + Behind Body Cable Curls

If your long head is lagging behind, all you need to do is implement these head-on targeted exercises.

As mentioned in my other biceps articles:

Any bicep exercise that puts the upper arm behind the body is not suitable for the short head as the long head passes through the shoulder joint.

Thus, inclined dumbbell rotation is a great bicep exercise to emphasize the long head:

However, as shown in the 2009 issue of the journal Science and Medicine:

biceps are most excellent active Throughout the incline dumbbell curl in the last 1/3 of the drive when the arm is completely flexed. Meanwhile, there is a lesser amount of resistance during the start portion of the movement due to the arm’s position qualified to gravity.

So, it would help if you paired this exercise with somewhat like the behind-the-body cable curl.

This exercise not only targets the long head but also provides the position of your upper arm, ALSO, making a complete resistance curve due to the constant tension of the cable.

DB Incline Curls

Inclined dumbbell curl step by step

DB incline Curl is also helped to get round biceps.
DB incline Curl is also helped to get round biceps.
  • Place the bench at an angle of approximately 55 to 65 degrees, select the desired weight from the rack, and sit upright with your back flat against the pad.
  • With a superior (palm up) grip, take a deep breath and rotate both snails towards your shoulders.
  • Once the biceps are completely shortened, slowly lower the weight back to the starting position.
  • Repeat the desired number of reps.

DB incline Curl is also helped to get round biceps.

No 2: Concentration Curl + Spider Curl {Short Head Lagging Behind} 

Now with the emphasis on the short head, we reverse what we did for the long head.

Since the short head does not cross the shoulder joint, this now means:

Any bicep exercise with the hands in front of the body is more aimed at the short head and reduces the long head.

For example, the concentration curve with the hand in front of the body as follows, is a great exercise to do this:

But in addition to that, which is especially important for a short head, you need to keep another tip in mind.

Based on the EMG analysis, we know that short head activation maximizes with combined flexibility and superiority:

So in order to give more preference to the short head, you need to make sure that you keep your wrist elevated in each agent. You can do this by thinking about grinding towards your pink ceiling as you spin.

Another similar movement you can involve is spider mite, lying on a reclining bench with your hands hanging in front of your body:

Again, focus on keeping your wrists elevated as you rotate to lock the elbows properly and hit the short head well.

Exercise your biceps width:

Now on to how you can combine all of these into a biceps width exercise that you can start all at once, I suggest the following:

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Concentration Curl

Concentration Curl instructions

Concentration Curl instructions
Concentration Curl instructions
  • Select the desired weight from the shelf, and sit in an upright position on a flat bench.
  • Go forward and place the elbow close to your knee. And Place your free hand on the other knee to stabilize you.
  • Take a deep breath using a high (arms facing) grip and rotate the dumbbell towards your shoulders.
  • Once the bicep is completely shortened, slowly lower the weight again to the beginning position.
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps on both sides.

Spider Curl

How To Perform Exercise

1.) begin by grabbing a “dumbbell” with each hand and lying on a reclining bench first.

2.) Then stretch your biceps down and out in front of you. Then you will be able to shrink your completely

3.) Compress your biceps and rotate the weight towards your shoulders, squeezing your muscles during the process and isolating the biceps

4.) When you reach the top, go back to the starting position for a count.

5.) Repeat for as many reps and sets as needed.

NO 3 EZ-bar curls

If you’re looking, increase the width of your biceps or How to get wider biceps. This is the best example. The curved bar (EZ) reduces your wrists’ pressure, allowing you to move with more massive motion than dumbbells or bubbles. Squeeze your biceps on top of each agent and keep your hands completely straight at the bottom. Do 8 to 12.reps 3 or 4 sets. 

Biceps Cable Curl

 Step-by-Step Instructions

Adjust the cable machine at one end to attach to the bottom of the cable with sliding adjustment. The cable grip should be stretched so that it can be easily grasped with your hands by extending the arms. Choose a weight that enables you to do eight or 12 reps.

  • Keep your feet firmly on the floor and comfortable.
  • Tighten the abdominal muscles, straighten the back, and keep the head stable.
  • Rotate the cable weight upwards towards the chest. Rise above the elbows and move only your forehead.
  • Hold for a second on top of the contraction.
  • Inhale the elbow hands to allow the cable-heavy arms to be brought back to the lower resting position. Hold the cable under tension and stop the load before it goes back into stock.
  • Complete the selected number of repetitions (10 or 12 is a good number)


We use our entire body weight to overload these muscles.

This climbing variation is a strenuous exercise, and depending on your fitness level, it can be tough right now.

If so, you may not think so!

I have a big change for you.

You can apply that concept in a “narrow grip reverse row” by hanging it on a bar lying on your back.

Here are the best exercise for who is searching How to get wider biceps: Biceps Cable Curl, EZ-bar curls, Concentration Curl, Spider Curl, DB Incline Curls

Some exercises are related to who finds how to get wider biceps with dumbbells EG: Concentration Curl, Spider Curl, DB Incline Curls, and hammer curl.

8 solutions to get wider biceps

Focus on the Pump, Than the Presses

This is the essential tip for building a “bigger bicep.” Many newcomers make the mistake of focusing on the printers when exercising their hands. This can burn some calories but is not so good for building muscle. All you have to make is try to get a pump; then you get the blood and nutrients you need to grow your muscles.

The pump, which is the tight sheath around your muscles, also lengthens your fascia. If the fascia is too fast, it will prevent your muscles from growing. But when you pump, you put more force against this sheath, creating more room for muscle growth. For best results in increasing your arms’ width, focus on the pump you are exercising with each hand, be it bench press or dumbbell rotation.

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Give Your Forearms Some Love

If you really care about having sensitive “wider biceps,” you will want to avoid “turkey wings.” You do not want large and wide biceps with thin and well-developed foreheads. You Can Isolate Your Forehead During Training Like any other part of your body, developing them will give you the strength to gain weight in a variety of exercises. Here are some forehead training exercises you can use:

Eat Right to Get Great biceps.

Protein fuels muscle development, so you will want to raise your protein consumption significantly to increase the muscle width and size. If you are not already consuming a high protein diet, start adding healthy proteins such as lean meat, eggs, and yogurt to your daily diet.

If you seem to be struggling with genetics, work with supplements that support your muscle-building efforts—this helps to satisfy your body’s reluctance to grow muscles on its own. But make sure you choose the right supplements, and they will not adversely affect your overall health. It is most beneficial to seek advice from your coach in this regard. It is important to remember that supplements should not be considered as a fast fix for large muscles and should only be taken as instructed.

Don’t Forget Your Triceps.

You are always focusing on your “biceps” and your forearms to work regularly. But if your arm width does not increase, it is because you are not paying attention to the correct muscles: The triceps. Though they are the biggest muscle group around the arm, triceps are often overlooked when people try to make large arms. As you develop your triceps, your hands will get bigger even when they are not flexible. Here are some helpful tips to help you build your triceps:

Get Your Recovery on Point

There are three stages to gaining muscle and strength: stress, healing, and progress.

The first is the progressive overload we mentioned above. Training emphasizes the muscles and tendons; then, your body is a place where you can get real growth.

If your project is successful, there is no way you can get good results. You can get the top training in the world, but then your recovery features – sleep, diet, hydration, mobility work – determine the effects you are accepted to get.

If you work hard but complain that you are not making a profit, this could be a missing link. You cannot train a bad diet or get enough sleep, so you should prioritize these things. High in dietary protein and carbon, 8+ hours of sleep a night, and the best rest you can get.

Training alone is not sufficient if you want the best results. Your lifestyle should reflect the goals you pursue!

Increase Your Volume Over Time

If you do not add weight, agents, or sets over time, you should not be surprised when your feet stop growing. You have to increase your volume over time deliberately, or you will not see significant progress.

It doesn’t matter what variables you change; you have to do more in one way or another. It is best to choose which variable you will change over time, as there are advantages to taking a little time to focus on weight, agents, or sets.

A good program has a method for this kind of progress, and four sets of 12 of the same weight in each session will not bring you the desired results. Push yourself, or you will not make progress.

Use A Combination of Weighty and Light Loads

The biceps, like any muscle, requires considerable mechanical tension to make significant progress. When you exercise, there is a metabolic change that contributes to better activity and volume.

All you need to do is take advantage of these different mechanisms and use them for your own purposes. This means that exercise selection and order will be key: you need a combination of movements that focus on weight, non-limiting gross, full load, and more precise exercise.

For this reason, we recommend dividing it into two main exercises for the biceps: weight combination movements and light isolation exercises.

Ex compact exercises include rows, pulls, and pulldowns.

Ola Isolation is basically a current and machine exercise.

Combined exercises provide a gross weight load but get tired quickly. They give only significant stimulation but not optimal levels. Isolation exercises offer a way to focus on a single muscle (such as the biceps), allow for more variation, can be used as ‘finishers’ that cause more mechanical stress due to fatigue, and the pump is a useful muscle builder.

Combining these different exercises is essential to get the most out of your training and to expand, strengthen, and strengthen the biceps. Talking about different types of training

Work for Your Wrists and Grip,

The other side of the biceps that you didn’t expect is how it connects to the forehead. Attaching the upper arm to the lower arm is important for overall development, as well as for the health of the forehead, wrists, and elbows. Very important!

The muscles that run through this joint are essential because they contribute to the width of your arm. You need to add more training for brachialis and brachialis.

These are the muscles below 1/3 of your upper arm. They take up space between the biceps and the elbow joint. If you do not train these muscles or at least keep them in shape, you will usually have a problem with the thickness of the arm.

You can train these muscles with adequate grip – so try using straps on your rows/deadlift. You can rotate the wrists and wrists with the dumbbells, which are great and have a variety of biceps/row variations. These ensure proper strength and mass everywhere.

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