hydrate properly when exercising

How to hydrate properly when exercising

How to hydrate properly when exercising: Whether it falls into it, scatters through it, or you make sure you drink enough of it, hydration and water play an actual important role in your intense mudslinging experience. If you face severe mud challenges, you bet your mind and body will be tested and you will need to hydrate correctly. Understand the importance of hydration to get the most out of your hard mud.

We are made up of approximately 60% water and should aim to consume 2 liters of it every day (yes, so much). This ensures that we are at our best in everything we do, whether it is at our desk or in the gym.

How do you stay hydrated when you exercise?

hydrate properly when exercising

Your body functions works Nicely when it is completely hydrated. Weight loss of about 2% (average female weighs less than 1.2 kg) causes The muscles to contract and the heart to work harder. In other words, you do not feel your maximum and exercise becomes more intense. With that in mind, we caught up with our friends at Active Water and shared the following tips to make sure they care about you as much as you can. Note the mothers.



If you know you have a big cover (say 1000 agents as part of a tough mud challenge) then make sure your body is fully hydrated and ready to face whatever you are going to throw at it. Your goal should be to consume 5-10 ml per kilogram of body weight 2-4 hours before training or event. This will give you enough time to absorb the fluid and make sure you do not feel any swelling or discomfort.

Not sure what that means to you? For example, for 70 kg of mud, 350–700 ml or 1–2 glasses is equivalent.


No matter what type of exercise you do, you should always listen to your body. If you feel thirsty – you want to drink, it’s really simple. Try to avoid consuming large amounts of fluids while you exercise. Instead try to drink lightly and often, if you really get the most out of our water centers, but if you take on tough mud challenges, keep a fresh bottle on hand every time you work.


This is the big one. Your goal should be to consume 150% after you work hard or lose sweat. If it seems a little complicated, we will use our imaginary mud again. If they lose 1 kg of body weight in 70 kg of mud during exercise, they should consume 1.5L of fluid after exercise to fully rehydrate. This equates to about 6 glasses of liquid.

It may seem overwhelming but it is important to take this seriously, as without proper hydration your body will not be able to function at its highest potential. Find out more about Active Waters and their alkaline ionized water, which are super charged at pH 9.0+ to help take your day to the next level.

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