How To Increase Muscle Strength

How To Increase Muscle Strength – With 14 Exercises

“How to increase muscle strength” We all know that exercise is the best thing we can do for our health. But many people do not consider one crucial factor: resistance training. According to federal researchers, only 6% of the world’s adults recommend that we do at least two exercises a day (seven days) to strengthen your muscles.. Ignoring resistance training – any form of exercise that builds strength and muscle – is a big mistake. Also It boosts our metabolism and reduces our body fat and protects us from the leading causes of death and disability.. You do not have to lift (or look like) one of the bodybuilders to reap the benefits of resistance training. It is never too late to start.

              There are many immediate benefits to building muscle for your body.

There are many immediate benefits to building muscle for your body.

Our muscles are priceless. They cause us to walk, run, climb and carry things. But as we age, they begin to melt. When we reach 30, the muscles begin to weaken. After the age of 40, we lose about 8 percent of our muscle mass every decade, and even after the age of 60, this phenomenon continues to accelerate. Studies show that this muscle loss accelerates the onset of disease and restricts mobility and is associated with premature death.

Another detrimental effect is the effect it has on your bones. Factors that help keep your bones strong and firm help maintain muscle mass. As you lose muscle with age – a process called sarcopenia – a condition called osteopenia is when your bones break.

                 what is muscle Strength And muscular endurance

                 what is muscle Strength And muscular endurance

Muscle strength and muscle endurance are similar in some ways, but they have some major differences. Our muscle strength depends on how much weight you can lift or how much force you can exert. We use more weight for less repetitions to build our muscle strength.

Muscle endurance means the ability to maintain muscle contraction against long-term resistance.

Well, let’s see what belongs to the activities that increase our muscle endurance. Basically includes running, swimming or cycling, circuit training and weight training. You can improve muscle strength and endurance by doing repetitive movements until you feel tired.

Many people accept muscle and bone loss as a natural component of aging and all the disadvantages that come with it. But many studies show that a whole-body muscle-strengthening program can greatly slow down these processes and delay them for decades or even years. Scientists at the Buck Institute for Aging Research have found that resistance training, which takes place twice a week, can reverse the cell damage associated with aging. to sarcopenia and functional impairment.

             What Is Muscle Strengthening

What Is Muscle Strengthening

Muscle strengthening exercises, sometimes called strength / weight / resistance training or exercise, are voluntary activities that involve heavy machinery, exercise belts, portable weights or your body weight (e.g. pushing or sitting). ) UPS). Clinical exercise studies show that when done regularly, muscle strengthening exercises increase muscle strength, strength, endurance, and mass in the bones. Behavior related to this exercise is usually done during a person’s leisure time, usually in the community (fitness centers / gym) or at home settings. A person can engage in muscle strengthening exercises for a variety of purposes, including strength-related sports (eg weights / lifts), aesthetic purposes (e.g. body building / sculpting); Physiotherapy (e.g. rehabilitation from injuries); Equation for sports performance and general fitness and health

             Exercise and health to strengthen muscles

Exercise and health to strengthen muscles

The addition of muscle-strengthening exercise to physical activity recommendations is due to the strong scientific evidence that this type of physical activity has multiple and unique health benefits. Elsewhere, detailed reviews of muscle strengthening exercises and health outcomes are available, so we will briefly discuss this evidence base.

              Benefits Of muscles strengthening

    Muscle strength enhances overall health and enhances athletic activity.

A strong body with strong muscles allows you to do energy-intensive movements and activities without much effort.

By burning calories, the ratio between muscle and fat, and improving our body composition

Muscle strength helps us all maintain a healthy body weight.

Building energy while promoting healthy sleep patterns can boost mood and energy levels. This will strengthen confidence, give you a sense of accomplishment and allow you to add more difficult or strenuous activity to your fitness routine.

Building muscle strength helps build strong, healthy muscles and bones. This will help you to develop a better posture and relieve your back pain (if you have back pain).

You will have more stability, balance and flexibility, less injuries and falls.

              How To Increase Muscle Strength At Home

How To Increase Muscle Strength At Home

Bodyweight exercises to build your muscle strength at home

Ready to build muscle strength but are you stuck in your home? Forget about having a great gym membership or a super gym at home, because you do not need them. Those who do not have a gym at home should get used to this.

Your body weight or a pair of snails is enough to get you breathing at home.

You don’t really need to pump iron to be strong. All you need is for yourself and some creativity to move those muscles.

          How to strength Your Chest

here we gives some exercises.

At home you can do some of the activities and exercises you need to double the strength of your chest. Below is a brief description of some of them. If you want to get it with details, you can go to our blog page here.

Push-up: 6–12 reps/ 4–6 sets

Push-up: 6–12 reps/ 4–6 sets

One of the most effective weight training exercises you can do to build up the strength of your chest and triceps is to “push Ups”. But it also gives exercise to your shoulders, lower back, muscles and lower body.

HOW TO DO : Lie face down, hands slightly wider than shoulders, hands on the floor. Raise the shoulders, trunk and legs up until the arms are fully extended. Only your hands and fingers should touch the floor. Slowly lower your body until the chest touches the floor, then repeat.

The push Ups changes are pretty much endless. So If you are a beginner, then you can began with wall knee push-ups or push-ups. Feeling advanced? Try pike push-ups.

Pull-up:  2–5 reps / 3 sets

Pull-up:  2–5 reps / 3 sets

“pull-up” can be intimidating, especially when you start. But working your upper back, shoulders and biceps is a good weight training exercise. Start with a few repetitions and move up as you get stronger.

HOW TO DO: Wrap your thumb around the bar, grab the top and grab the top bar. “Play dead” – start with a hanging bar. Squeeze the bar with your hands and connect the muscles of your upper body and core. Pull up until the chin strip is removed. Slowly get back into the hanging position. And repeat.

For towing at home, you can buy a portable pull bar that fits into a door frame.

Burpee: 6-8 per minute for 12 minutes

Burpee: 6-8 per minute for 12 minutes

Need more explosive exercise? Burpee can be the best weight training exercise for your  back, core, arms, chest, glutes and legs for a full body cardio workout.

HOW TO DO : Lie flat on your back with both hands on the floor and your feet wider. Jump back to a wooden position with the feet. Go back to the wooden position and do a push. Pull your legs back up, then jump up with your arms above your head. Repeat.

How To Increase Muscle Strength In Legs

How To Increase Muscle Strength In Legs

We can do a lot of exercise in the gym. But here today we tell you the exercises you can do at home to increase the strength of your legs. But below is a brief overview of the exercises you can do in the gym.

Make sure you do the stretching first. Because it is necessary to do these exercises

Step-up: 16 reps/4 sets (each side)

Is there a staircase? Or a box? Then you can do these leg exercises. Step-up is a simple starting exercise that can give you strong quads, glutes and hamstrings. Take one step at a time.

HOW TO DO: Well first you find something like a staircase or a box. Go to the stairs of your house, or if you do not have a staircase, place a sturdy box in front of you. Go to the box or first flight of stairs with your right foot, then to your left. Turn back, down with the right foot, then to the left. Repeat each time, changing the leg you started. Do this several times

Lunge: 15 reps/4 sets (per side)

There are ton of “lunch variations” you can make, but even the classic “lunch” boosts your gluten, quad. Moreover, it strengthens your fingers.

HOW TO DO: Okay, first take a big step forward with one leg from where you are standing (as far as you can). You lower your body to the floor until the upper thighs of the front leg are almost parallel to the floor, then the back knees slightly above the floor. Lift up by applying pressure on the heel of your front leg. Repeat with that big first step with the opposite leg. It is advisable to do as much as you can because this is something to do with body weight. But above is the number I recommend.

Squat: 10–12 reps/4–5 sets

You are the Squats we know and love the most. Squats are popular among weightlifters, which can lead to a misconception that they can only do weights. But even by struggling with your body weight, you can gain strong leg muscles if you do it in good shape.

HOW TO DO: How does this exercise work with our body weight. Well, let’s look at the beginning. Well first, stand with your feet slightly wider than the our shoulders. Extend arms straight down face down. Inhale and exhale as you bend your knees and push your hips slightly back. Look straight ahead and keep the chin up, shoulders up and back straight. Aim to keep your hips below your knees and lower yourself as easily as possible. Connect your core to push it up explosively from your heel.

The Calf Raises

Your “calves” may not be as big as the muscles in your other leg, but they still need toning so you can support your ankles and keep them balanced. “Calf raises” is simple but effective. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart. For support it is easy to stand near a chair, table, rail or wall. Push on the balls of your foot as if you were standing on both feet and holding for three seconds. Then you slowly lower your heel again back to the floor. Do two or three sets of 15 increments.

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Side Hip Raises

For this exercise, you can use the same chair you used for “squat” and “Calf Raising”. Raising the hips strengthens your hips, glutes and thighs. Movement also helps keep the joints of the hips flexible. Stand on the back of a sturdy chair, feet apart, and keep your toes in front of you. Keep the legs straight, but do not lock your knees. Slowly lift your right foot to either side. Then return to the starting position. The slower you move the better. Repeat on your left side and do this sequence 15 times on each leg.

Knee Extensions

Knee extension aims at the square and strengthens the knee. You can do this with or without ankle weight. If you do not have an ankle weight, try carrying a bag of rice on your feet. Sit in a back chair with your feet almost touching the floor. If you want, cover your feet with a rolled towel. Bend your right foot and slowly lift your toes until your foot is fully extended. Then slowly bend your leg and lower it. Remember to bend your foot and walk slowly. Do 15 to 25 repetitions. Remember not to put too much weight on the leg.

Knee Curls

This exercise works the back of the upper leg over the shoulder This exercise makes it easier for us to get up and walk.You can do this with or without ankle weight. Stand behind a sturdy chair for support and place your feet approximately shoulder width apart. Bend your foot and slowly bend your right foot, then move your heel towards your buttocks. Then slowly lower the foot back to the begining position. Repeat with your left foot. Do this 15 to 25 times for each leg. You can switch legs or work one and then the other.

 Leg Extensions

Stretching the legs tones the muscles in your buttocks and thus supports your back. Stand behind a chair and place your hands on it. Keep your feet slightly wider than your hips. Keep your right foot straight and lift your back. Then think about lifting the back of your heel, not bending your back. You need to feel your finger and gluteus working. Hold for about five seconds after your leg is as high as you can feel. Lower your foot to the starting position and repeat with the left foot. Repeat this sequence 12 times, increasing to three or four sets.

How To Increase Muscle Strength In Arms

How To Increase Muscle Strength In Arms

Well where are our big hands guys. You all like a strong hand, don’t you? A strong hand full of nerves, especially for girls. Well we will tell you how to make a strong hand in this corona time. Stay with us. We give you a clear guide to all the exercises your body needs. Previously written posts you can get by visiting the blog.

Plank-up: 5–10 reps/ 3 sets

While doing any kind of “plank” exercise will strengthen your arms, planks are especially effective for strengthening the triangular and biceps muscles in your arms.

HOW TO DO: You first start from the “wooden” position, with the elbows and toes pointing to the ground, connecting the core to the top. Lift yourself into a “pushing” position by keeping your body in a keeping position and extending one arm at a time. Lower your elbows with one hand at a time. Repeat. This will also help you burn calories better. This strengthens even the muscles in the back of your hand. Don’t forget the strong hand that most girls like.

Triceps dip: 10–12 reps/ 2 sets

You will need a chair, box, bench, bench or stairs to dip the triceps. These steps will strengthen your triceps (and your triceps!) And require targeted exercise to grow.

HOW TO DO: Start sitting in a chair or on a step. Hold the edge of the chair with both hands on the hips. Lift the chair up and up to a point where it hangs beyond the edge. Extend the legs until they are mostly straight. Slowly lower yourself to the floor until your elbows are roughly parallel to your shoulders. Push your arms up to bring them back up until your arms are straight. Repeat.

Inchworm: 4–6 reps/3 sets

This body weight movement is (almost) as much fun as it sounds. This is a crawling exercise that will make you feel like a small child again while building your triangle, shoulders, chest, abs, glutes and quadriceps.

HOW TO DO: This body weight movement is (almost) as much fun as it sounds. This is a crawling exercise that will make you feel like a small child again while building your triangle, shoulders, chest, abs, glutes and quadriceps.

How To Increase Muscle Strength By Food

How To Increase Muscle Strength By Food

These foods are 6 foods that will increase your muscle strength

We are not able to absorb the strength of any muscle in our body unless we have a good diet. We cannot develop the strength of our chest, arms and legs without good foods. I will introduce you to the six best foods here.

Fitness enthusiasts spend hours in the gym trying to build muscle and fight fat, boosting body strength and overall fitness. But not everyone knows that improving one’s fitness does not stop at the gym — if you are trying to increase your muscle strength and lose body fat, it is important to consume nutritious foods that nourish and restore your body after exercise.

Do you train sports in Phoenix? If so, do not have a protein shake or frozen pizza at dinner. Invest your time and money in foods that nourish your overall health, improve your body, and reduce your chances of getting sick in the long run.

Bring this list with you to the grocery store and store six foods that will support you tone up:


As the most complex, complete and flexible food in nature, eggs are the golden standard of protein. Each egg contains 7 grams of protein and many other essential vitamins and minerals.


As you may already know, chicken is a staple of any protein-rich, low-fat diet. Here’s why: The proportion of fat from the protein in chicken is unbeatable — 100 grams of hearty food packs 31 grams of protein with only 4 grams of fat. Fry your chicken with spinach, quinoa and garlic for a delicious, protein-rich lunch.

Wild Salmon

With 20 G of protein each 100 grams (grams), wild salmon accelerate our results in sports training in the Phoenix. Wild salmon is one of the best sources of fatty omega 3 fatty acids. Avoid farm-grown salmon, however – they are often given a meal because of their limited nutritional value.


Interestingly, quinoa has a higher protein content than other staples. Moreover, it is a rich source of minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin B. If you are unfamiliar with B vitamins, they help to metabolize and digest protein and carbohydrates.


Take it from Popeye. Spinach contains iron and nitrates for muscle growth, so it is a wonderful fuel for muscle building. These nitrates also help regulate blood pressure, immune defenses and cell metabolism. Serve your dinner on a spinach bed every night for a consistent meal.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are a tasty and healthy food for building muscle. Sunflower seeds are low in cholesterol and sodium, making them a healthy food bonus.

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