if you need a Rest day

How do you know if you need a Rest day?

what? how do i know about my rest day? That’s right! The rest of the day is as important as your training you do. How does relaxing your muscles advantage of your health journey? And the Rest lets your body to adapt to the training you do. Every time you exercise hard, you break down the Sounds painful, muscle fibers. Does not it? Not necessarily – it is a natural process that takes place in the body when you push yourself to your limit. Of course, you only benefit if you give them time to relax your muscles. Rest is time to repair muscle fibers and allow them to grow bigger and stronger again. Without rest, exercise will not do much for our body. You will constantly break your muscles without giving them time to heal and rebuild. If you’ve ever felt tired before you came to the gym, it may have been a time when you were overly tired… It’s a major sign that you need a day off!

While some people are looking forward to their rest days, others may find it difficult to pick one up because they are worried about achieving their health goals or because they are used to working out as part of their daily routine. Whether you love or hate the holidays, they are an important part of your fitness journey; Even if you are eager to get one, we promise that your body will thank you. Here are five best ways to find out if you need a day off, remember, you can change the day off to the type of activity that suits you best!

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  • 1. You feel tired or moody.
  • 2. You’re getting sick.
  • 3. You’re always sore or injured.
  • 4. You’re hitting a plateau.
  • 5. You feel like you need it.

You feel tired or moody. It means need a Rest day

need a Rest day

Even if you get 7-9 hours of sleep, you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and can’t move. Often when we are too tired or burnt out, we feel like we need another two hours of sleep. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause some difficulty falling asleep, which can further increase the feeling of insomnia. In addition to fatigue, you may suffer from illnesses such as headaches or mental fatigue. If your body is not healing, this may be a sign that you need a day off!

One note: Working is a well-known endorphin booster that can help improve your mood. But waking up after falling into a mountain of dirt is one thing, and what your body really needs is to push your body hard when you are at rest. Learn to listen to find what your body needs, and choose wisely.

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You’re getting sick.

When the body does not get proper rest after exercise, it weakens your immune system enough to actually get sick. Exercise helps boost your immune system in the long run, and excessive exercise leads the body’s energy to repair muscle. When you are sick, it is always best to rest.

You’re always sore or injured.

You are often accustomed to having a sore throat as a sign that you are starting a new exercise habit, trying to take a new step, or getting stronger and changing things. As the body adapts to the new stimulus, the change in pain can be a sign of recognition that it is active! However, if you still feel a sore throat after 2-3 days of rest, this may be a sign of excessive fatigue. Throat, tight muscles are one thing, and new and unfamiliar movements can sometimes introduce minor injuries, which require extra rest to focus on repairing the body’s strength. Working a day off in addition to your program to be able to heal can have a huge impact on the effectiveness and productivity of your workouts! Of course, if you have a serious injury, hit the bed and skip the gym, it says nothing about it.

You are hitting a plateau.

Have you ever had this experience? Even if you cut your tail off at the gym, the results are not the same as before. What does it offer? The most common cause of exercise plateau may be overwork. When you exercise too often, when you do not allow the body to repair the broken muscles properly, you actually lose more muscle than you gain. You basically break down the fibers so you still don’t have a chance to fully heal and come back bigger and stronger. Work a few days off into your routine to allow that recovery to happen, and you will be amazed and how far and much progress you are starting to make!

You feel like you need it.

Here is the object- You are in charge of your body. No one can tell you how you feel after a long week of training except you. Listen to what your body is telling you and relax when you need to. Remember that your mental health is just as important as your physical health, so spend the day you really need and relax. If you still want to get some movement during the day, consider recovery activities such as walking, low-intensity exercise or foam rolls like Oi Roga to make sure you are prepared in advance and ready for your next workout!

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