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Juan Rekers Wife, Height, Weight, Age, Diet, Net Worth And Workout Routine

As we all know Juan Rekers is a person at the top of the category of older bodybuilders. Juan Rekers is a 55-year-old man whom we love very much and has a very beautiful body that is often seen in magazines. Or a little 55-year-old bodybuilder, have you seen these pictures? Can you believe it? Yes, it is true. He can’t finish the look he’s got. here we saw he is in top 10 olders bodybuilders. He still has the ability to captivate the minds of girls. 55 years old, you remember the average person holding a hammer? The vision that comes to mind will completely change this person with his courage. I know you want to continue training now.

I hope to share all the details of Juan Rekers who have such a beautiful body here. It also talks about Juan rekers’ height, weight, and his wife, Net Worth And Workout Routine. You can find all his information and Juan Reker’s videos and pictures here. Let’s first see who these Juan Rekers are.

who is Juan Rekers (Biography)

Juan Rekers 55-year-old Dutch strongman also he is a fitness model and Independent coach. He is currently living in the Netherlands as a Mental Health Coach (Mental Disorders introducing).

This bodybuilder looks utterly badass at first glance, (To me he looks so beautiful and my dream.) but everyone he meets feels that he is a very gentle heart. He runs a very special series of exercises and exceptional fitness training courses for people suffering from mental illness.

Juan Rekers had once said; As you grow older, your body changes and your testosterone levels drop and your estrogen levels rise, causing great damage to your body! Our body is low in energy, our abdomen is large, our desire for sexual intercourse is very low. In addition, fitness maintains your balance in body and mind and it is perfect for controlling my mental disorders.

He has been with the gym for 34 years and is still experiencing incredible emotions from training. He is determined to stay with it until his death.

Also, the sad news is told through trell.co site. It says Juan Rekers recently underwent surgery similar to Ronnie Coleman underwent. It has healed. (That is the happy contributor.) I do not accept responsibility for the falsity of this information. Here is the article that said it.

The article also states that Juan rekers’ wife has been fighting with breast cancer for two and a half years.

Juan Rekers Height/ weight

Juan Reker’s height is 5’4,  in centimeters 64.8.

It weighs 78 kilograms and is 171.961 from Labs. Because this is real information taken in 2021. This can be confirmed. Click to see

juan Rekers wife

Juan Rekers wife’s name is Joyce Rekers. She also loves the fitness genre, making it easy for Juan Rekers to make a living.

The article also states that Juan rekers’ wife has been fighting with breast cancer for two and a half years.

Juan Rekers Socials Media

juan_rekers instagram

juan_rekers instagram

Juan Rekers gives a huge motivation to his fans through Instagram. He also gets a lot of encouragement from fans. He has 164k followers with him as he always uses Instagram the most on social media.

He also shares his workouts in his gym with the YouTube channel he started in 2014. The channel already has about 8k subscribers. That channel is below.

juan_rekers Hobbies

With a long gray beard like Viking and solid tattoos and pictures posted on Instagram and Facebook, it is very clear that he wants to be motorcycles just like his bodybuilding life. That’s why he’s already popular as motorcycles. He is said to be Harley Davidson as his favorite bike type.

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