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Katka kyptova 2021 Biography , wrestling , calves, transformation, and carrier life

Katka kyptova is a beautiful muscled bodybuilder born in 1983-19th September ( 38 years Old Now) in Mladá Boleslav. She is also an Arnold Classic Europe and medalist from Arnold Classic Amateurs and has been granted a professional license since 2014. Since then she has been competing well among professionals in the United States since 2014. Finds out about katka kyptova transformation and her biggest successes, her education, katka kyptova’s calves that everyone loves and katka kyptova’s 2014, 2015 Competition History. Nobody knows exactly whether kyptova is wrestling or not is explained below.

Katka kyptova carrier life

Full Name                    : Katka Kyptova

Born                             : september 19, 1983

Age                              : 38 years

Height                          : 5′ 6″ (1.68 m)

Hair                             : Blonde

Eyes                             : Blue

Nationality                  : czech

Weight                        : 124-158 lbs

Occupation                  : Personal Trainer, bodybuilder

Katka kyptova carrier life

Katka kyptova was born in 1983 on September 19, in Mladá Boleslav

Katka kyptova was born in 1983 on September 19, in Mladá Boleslav. she has one sister named Jana Kyptová. Everyone knows that she is now recognized as a bodybuilder. But she also works as a personal trainer, and she never dreamed of becoming a bodybuilder as a child. She told us that I had been interested in learning since I was a child. But because of the magazines I see, the desire for bodybuilding just came to my mind. But what everyone is looking for is whether or not she is wrestling. kyptova does not do wrestling but she has some wrestling videos.

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Katka kyptova Education

kyptova Mladá Boleslav was born and decided to study at Mladá Boleslav. She attended Josef Pekař Grammar School in Mladá Boleslav and later graduated from Technical University in Liberec with a degree in Sports Management. According to katka kyptova wikipedia cs.wikipedia.org, she is still studying at the 2nd Medical Faculty of Charles University. Katka An example of this is that learning is the best thing we can get out of life. Although she is 38 years old, she has not stopped studying. She also now works as a personal trainer and nutritionist.

Katka kyptova Competition History 2014, 2015

Arnold Classic Europe and Arnold Classic Amateurs are two medal winners. Out of these achievements, she received a professional license in 2014. It was her turning point. She has been in love since 2015 after competing with USA Professional Builders. Her biggest success since 2015 was winning the Jon Lindsay’s Grand Prix Pro Tournament.

Katka kyptova calves

Katka kyptova calves

kyptova is currently at non-competition weight and currently weighs between 75-80 kg. But she has managed to keep the calves of katka in perfect condition. Currently available in Calves: 16, Quads: 23, Chest: 39 and Biceps: 14 sizes.

kyptova pictures and Hobbies

Her hobbies include bodybuilding and fitness, beach volleyball, traveling, swimming, meeting new people, cooking, sun – tanning and high hiking.

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Katka kyptova body building women transformation Image

Kyptova has posted some nice pictures of Kyptova on her Instagram page and you can see from her pictures that her transformation has turned from a lean body to a Muscular are Hott and Sexy body.

Katka kyptova transformation image

Katka Kyptova biceps workout

katka’s kyptova legs

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