Lower Trap Exercises TheraBand

Best Lower Trap Exercises TheraBand

Sure you are a very busy person and you like to exercise, here are the Best 3 lower trap exercises TheraBand can do for your lower trap at home using only TheraBand. Its name is bow and arrow, lower trap row exercise and standing band y-Raise. All you need to do this is a space and a TheraBand.

Lower Trap Exercises TheraBand

All three of these exercises will greatly affect your lower trap. Compatible videos for this exercise are also included for you.

01.)Bow And Arrow Exercise TheraBand

The bow and arrow exercise is great for targeting the lower trapezius you may hold the band or tie it down to a stable surface then with the shoulder that you want to strengthen go ahead and horizontally abduct while elevating your shoulder as well as retracting or squeezing back your scapula you can also alter the angle at which you bring your arm at to target different scapular retractors

02.)Lower Trap Row With TheraBand

okay we’re going to continue on the theraband parade here we’re going to use these their advanced for some rows in the door this thing is called a thorough loop and we put the theraband through it so it prevents the theraband from tearing if you don’t have one of these you can make a knot in the end of the theraband and also do what i’m about to do here take the nub and put it in the door and shut the door and pull on it to be sure it’s in take my hands around the theraband and step back from the door there’s an imaginary piece of plywood from the top of the door right under my armpits so we don’t move down and we don’t move up my shoulders blades can move this way called protraction and this way retraction so we’re going to store it in a protracted position and rather than retracting I’m going to ask Alba to wrap her scapula so rather than pulling them back she’s going to adhere them onto the rib cage and hold as she brings her thumbs back towards or to the chest and holes as I release my scapula still holding on to my rib cage and at the end I’ll let them go let’s see if we can have Alba do the same grab on stagger your legs have some tension on the band have that piece of plywood holding position watch her scapula here she’ll protract them forward beautiful retract to show them what that looks like protract again and then graph them instead nice hole nice and stable go ahead and pull the elbows back now hold and then slowly release still keeping your shoulder blades adherent and then let the blades release let’s do it one more time laughs your scaps perfect elbows come back thumbs approximate towards the shoulders poles release still holding your scapula in place and then release the scapula perfect nice.

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03.) Standing Band Y-Raise (Lower Traps TheraBand)

All you need to do Y-Raise Standing Band is the one mentioned above. This Standing Band Y-Raise exercise can be considered as the best exercise for lower trap exercises, because this is compound With upper traps, middle traps, lower traps. You first place this band between your legs and tighten it. Then extend both arms in front of the shoulders (along with the theraband). Then slowly lift it up to a height above your head. You can do this very well by watching the video below.

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