13 rules to make your workout more Agility and efficient

rules-to-make-your-workout-more-efficient: Basically, these are just some of the goal setting components that you can use. There are many more. The leaders are a bit below. Undoubtedly, training efficiency is very important and in the present circumstances, there is a need for better cleaning between workouts and limited time in the gym. Make the most of every session.   What should You do before workout, during, and after workouts? Here are my 13 rules to ensure your exercise is effective

BEFORE  workout

BEFORE  workout
  • Get enough sleep
  • Plan the session
  • Have a journal or use one of the several apps

DURING The workouts

DURING The workouts
  • Turn off your phone
  • Foam rolling
  • Start resistance training
  • Perform mostly compound movements
  • Get optimal rest between sets and exercise
  • Develop a muscular connection to the mind
  • Consider using whole-body activities
  • Consider you using super Sets
  • Include high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in your daily routine.
  • Time spent relaxing and recovering from out of the gym.

Get enough sleep

According to some studies, skeletal muscle has the ability to fully regenerate after a muscle injury. It is believed that sleep plays an important role in this regenerative process. Also, when you lose sleep, you do not have the energy to break down your workouts and your risk of injury increases.

Plan the session

Planning is essential for success in sports and exercise. Never go to the gym without a clear plan of what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how it fits into the bigger picture. This is where you can get help with the services of a personal trainer. They provide a well-established plan and guidance throughout the process. If you want to go it alone, planning is a must. At the basic level it helps to avoid constant walking around the gym, wasting time and slowing down the heart rate. This causes less energy to be expended and that is bad news.

If the gym is busy and you can’t get the equipment you need, having a B plan is a good idea. Before deciding on the right equipment, intensity and sequence for your exercise, you must first determine what your goal is and break it down into smaller goals and objectives. Don’t forget all the important plans on your exercise playlist. Studies show that high tempo music and inspired music can play a big role in improving endurance and maintaining intensity.

Have a journal or use one of the several apps

Market to record your exercise weights, distances, times and thoughts. This will help you plan the progress and changes to your program efficiently. It also helps to increase confidence when you look back at all the progress you have made.

Turn off your phone

If you use it for music, put it on the plane wall, this is the time to invest yourself. Count it. Otherwise, you will make your workout less efficient.

Foam rolling

This helps to regain the tightness that can prevent the ability to exercise with a full range of motion. Taking five minutes at the beginning of an exercise roll can make your workout more effective. Turn around when you have five minutes extra time at home.

Start resistance training

If you have not previously added weight to your exercise routine, they should be from here. Weight training is one of the most effective and efficient forms of exercise, with many health benefits. It improved bone strength, increased muscle mass, and improved your metabolism to lower fat, improving energy and function to perform daily tasks. It helps keep your heart healthy by raising cholesterol and lowering blood pressure.

Perform mostly compound movements

These are exercises that use more than one joint, so as you recruit more muscle, your buckle will gain more speed. Examples of joint exercises are scotch, shoulder presses, pull-ups and presses.

Get optimal rest between sets and exercise

This depends on your training, but as a rule, strength training requires a longer rest period than endurance training.

Develop a muscular connection to the mind

Instead of thinking about other things or going through the motions, try to think about the muscles you are trying to engage. This has been shown to have enormous benefits, including greater energy.

Consider using whole body activities

These have been shown to be more effective in gaining muscle and burning fat. You can divide your workout so that you have a focused muscle group, but you still hit everything else. For example, if you go to the gym twice a week, one day you can focus on the upper body and the other day you can focus on the lower body. The secondary muscle group can work using a high agent range and focus on getting a pump.

Consider you using super Sets

This happens when you do an exercise all at once. You can add more exercises to manage time. These are known as three-sets for three exercises together and four or more giant sets. Do it sparingly as super kits can be taxed.

Include high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in your daily routine.

This is an exercise that is a short period of time or exercise. It can be very efficient and will help you to get more time in a short time. Helps to promote an increased metabolic rate after exercise. Thus, fat burning, especially when done after an immune training session.

Time spent relaxing and recovering from out of the gym.

The body is where you fit into the gym where you exercise. Plan your leisure days and make the most of active leisure days This is the place where you go for walks, swimming or other low intensity activities. Get the right nutrition at this point, you have a formula for success.

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