Seated Tricep Press

What Is & how Work Seated Tricep Press?

The Seated triceps press Is works triceps muscles And Seated triceps press is able to be done with bench and dumbbell. It’s a great intensity workout, with the pull effort and It moves huge muscles. Seated Tricep Press mainly targeting the long head of the triceps

How Do you Perform The Seated Tricep press Extension

Type:- Strength

Needed Equipment:- Dumbbell

Muscles Worked:- Arms

Main Muscle Group:- Triceps

Difficulty:- Easy

The seated triceps press is The One_joint workout executed by rising The dumbbell from The in arrears the neck with together hands.

Instructions To perform

  1. First You have to sit On the Bench with back supported and take the dumbbell with together Hands & you have to hold It overhead at the arm’s length
  2. Hang onto your upper arms near to The head, elbows pinned during the exercise to aim The triceps optimally.
  3. Though breathing in and inferior the dumbbell by moving The elbows until your lower and upper arms form somewhat lesser than The 90-degree position. Simply your forearms must move while lowering the dumbbell.
  4. Then Your upper arm Must keep on perpendicular to the ground throughout Your exercise.
  5. Reverse And Exhale the motion by spreading The elbows consuming your triceps.
  6. Break and contract The triceps at the topmost of the movement.
  7. And Repeat The Seated Tricep press Until finished the recommended repetitions.

Seated Tricep Benefits

  1. Enhances change to the arsenal of triceps workouts
  2. Does a decent work of isolating Your triceps
  3. And Easy to perform and study.

Variations Of  Seated Tricep

If you perform The tricep presses on Standing avoiding the Seated bench. It may get unnecessary pressure on The back while You using heavyweights. That the reason personal trainers often Recommend Seated Tricep Press

Standing Tricep Press
Standing Tricep Press

Seated Tricep Press Alternatives

Using a Cable or Barbell

You can aim The triceps from dissimilar positions by using The Cable or barbell to do the overhead The tricep presses. And Attach the straight bar or rope to the low cable pulley for put constant tension on The tris through the workout.

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