How to do Standing side leg raises, Benefits , Muscles work and variations with weights

Hi Friends: Today’s we are going to show you How To Do this Standing Side Legs Raise Exercise. This workout does not necessitate the use of any equipment.  Side leg lifts can be done before and after your main exercise regimen.

Standing Side Leg Raises Exercise Benefits

This exercise develops your hips and the muscles on the rear side of your thighs, as well as improving hip range of motion, body stabilization, and muscle strength and endurance in the outside sides of your thighs and hip abductors. These muscles will help you avoid injury and pain in your hips, knees, and lower back by strengthening them. Please do read this article till end as at the end of the article. We will be sharing some very important tips to maximize standing leg raises exercise benefits.

Let’s now see how to do Standing Side Leg Raises exercise correctly

how to do Standing Side Leg Raises exercise
how to do Standing Side Leg Raises exercise

The standing leg raise is a traditional workout that strengthens your legs and core while also increasing your balance and flexibility. Change the direction, height, and intensity of your standing leg lifts to target different muscle groups and build a stronger, leaner lower body.

  • Your hands will be resting on your hips or out in front of you. You can also support yourself with a chair or another substantial object. With your toes facing ahead, stand straight and upright.
  • This is where you’ll begin. The movements are now in full swing. Tighten your abdominal muscles. Raise your right leg off the floor while shifting your weight to the left side.
  • Hold the elevated leg in place for 2 seconds.
  • Return your right leg to its original position, meeting the left leg.
  • Exhale as you raise and inhale as you lower your leg.
  • Repeat on one side for 10 to 15 reps, then switch sides and repeat the workout.

Standing side leg raises benefits

  • Strengthens your hips and the muscles on the back side of your thighs.
  • Hip range of motion should be increased.
  • Boost your body’s stability.
  • Improve the strength and endurance of the muscles on the outsides of your thighs and the abductors of your hips.
  • Will protect your hips, knees, and lower back from injury and suffering. Strong balance is required while shifting your body weight onto one foot and lifting the other leg into the air. Your legs and core muscles work together to maintain and balance your body as you stand on one leg.

Standing side leg raises muscles worked

Standing side leg raises muscles worked

Leg in a standing position Abdominals, obliques, lower-back muscles, thigh muscles, and glutes – collectively known as your core – as well as your legs – are all strengthened and muscled throughout this exercise. Draw your navel to your spine, fully engage your abs, and keep your chest straight and motionless while you lift and lower your legs to effectively activate your core.

Side leg raises with weights

We can introduce standing side leg raises with weights as a somewhat advanced exercise. We get these standing side leg raises as Dumbledore and band as Vieations. It allows us to give our muscles a better intensity and get better results. Here’s how to go about doing that and getting the most out of it.

Dumbbell Leg Abductions :Standing side leg raises alternative

Standing side leg raises alternatives

This is called Dumbbell Leg Abductions. This is done with standing side leg raises with dumbbells. Let’s see how it is done and its results.

i’m going to be taking you through a dumbbell abduction now we’ve already covered how you can perform a standing side leg raises but We’ll magnify a little bit more by utilizing some type of resistance, and my resistance of choice is a dumbbell, so that’s the piece of equipment you’ll need for this how-to. If you don’t have a chair or any form of stabilization, the wall will be your best buddy.

so the muscle groups you’re going to be working is of course your legs but you’re going to be working your glutes as well for those of you that don’t know your glute is compromised by three fundamental muscles you have your maximus your medius and your minimum. we’re going to focus more on the medius which is the side portion area holding on to some form of stabilization this is absolutely tragic stabilization on my end.

How To Do Dumbbell Leg Abductions

so i’m just improvising with what i have on set so let’s say for arguments say this chair is a little bit more stable.

  • you’re going to hold on to it all hold onto a wall. you’re going to grab your dumbbell and place it on the side of your leg just like below image so now you don’t want you to go too low or too high here you’re going to hurt your hip bone.
  • so you literally just want to rest where your arm naturally falls that’s where you’re going to rest your dumbbell so obviously your arm doesn’t actually fall there or doesn’t actually pull you there it falls when actually falls.
  • so you’re going to externally rotate your foot inwards which will contract your glute a little bit more you’re gonna stand upright i don’t want you to stand forward otherwise, if that’s not an option, keep your chest good and proud and your core nice.
  • Tight holding onto your stabilization externally rotating your foot inwards extend out contract hold for three seconds before releasing back down your feet are never going to touch and meet each other.
  • you’re holding that constant tension and you’re controlling your positives which is this and you’re also controlling your negatives which is this positive contract for three seconds.
  • and then releasing and bringing it back down so there you have it a simple and effective way for you to perfect your exercises.

remember what i said it really doesn’t need to be complicated it really doesn’t need to be overwhelming

Standing side leg raises with band

the Standing side leg raises with band activates your glutes in multiple planes so we’re going to be working our legs to different directions so that our glutes firing and when our hip is moving into different positions.

Standing side leg raises with band
Standing side leg raises with band

How to do

  • in order to set up for this you’ll take a band and put it around your ankles and then standing on one leg balancing on that leg we’re gonna send our leg out to the side back. and out a diagonal.
  • then just straight back I’m a different angle. we’re going out to the side add a diagonal and straight back so when you do this notice that we’re trying to keep our hips in the same position.
  • as we do each of these and keep balanced we don’t want to hitch our hip up toward our ribs to make the action happen they want the movement all to be leg moving in your hip socket.
  • repeat that a couple times on each side and you will start feeling the glute burn the activation on you.

Some important Tips For Standing Side Leg Raises Exercise

No. 1: Keep your core, back, and legs as straight as possible.  This will help you minimize back discomfort and maximize the benefits of this workout.

No. 2: Make sure your hips are aligned and your knees aren’t locked.  As you perform this exercise, keep them relaxed.

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