Weights Vs Cardio: Which One Supports You to Lose Weight Quicker? 2021

There are many ways to lose weight, from strength training to ‘cardio-based’ activities such as rotation or HIIT training.

But is one more effective than the other?

If your goal is to lose fat, here is my quick answer: For Lose Weight Quicker

You should prioritize weight training 3-4 times a week for anti-fat results than Cardio. Despite the cardiovascular exercise you can do to help with calorie expenditure, it does little to protect or build muscle, and prioritizing it over weight often leads to fat and muscle loss rather than fat alone.

lose weight quicker

For best results (primarily fat loss) it is best to prioritize weight training over your exercise routine that strikes different parts of the body and use Cardio as you need to burn a few more calories based on your individual circumstances.

Before diving into cardio vs. weight loss specialties for fat loss, let’s first look at the difference between weight loss and fat loss

Different Between Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

These two terms can often be misused differently, which can define a critical point in improving body composition and health through fitness and dietary changes.

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Defining weight loss

Weight loss is the term used to describe the loss of a unit of mass (kilograms, pounds, stones, etc.) over time.

This is taken while standing on a weight scale.

Weight loss will be followed by dehydration (dehydration or sweating), loss of digestive tract, loss of muscle mass and loss of fat (and in some cases loss of bone density).

Defining fat loss

Fat loss is the loss of body fat over a period of time.

It will often take longer to lose body fat than to lose weight. This is because instant weight loss is caused by the release of water and food waste from the body.

Why you should not focus on losing weight

When it comes to weight loss alone, most people will fail to recognize that if they lose 20 pounds, it will result in 5lbs of water loss, 7lbs of muscle loss and the other 8lbs of fat loss; About 40% of the weight they lost came from muscle loss.

This is a common problem when dieters ignore weight training, use junk food and do not keep protein and calories for long.

This will often result in a similar percentage of body fat before you start eating, leaving you still looking soft and toned (also known as “skinny fat”).

Ensure “Cardio Workouts” Burn Extra Calories Than the  Weight Workouts

Many people will burn more calories when they are doing “Cardio” work because they maintain their heart rate longer compared to weight training exercises.

Weight training can burn tons of calories after exercise, and has the added benefit of increasing calorie intake after exercise, not so much for “Cardio” exercise.

If you are concerned about burning the maximum number of calories to lose weight, you can benefit the most from a combination of the two exercise styles, as they both have their unique benefits (and disadvantages).